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It’s the Sun. Shhhh!! by maliab
September 7, 2011, 7:41 pm
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In some of his last works, the author Michael Crichton made an effort to point out that environmental non-profits are a business.  And not a struggling one either.  That fact–that non-profits must still behave as businesses, raising money on the strength of their ideas (or scare tactics)–is one that seems to be lost on a good portion of the media.  And the more left-wing the goals of the non-profit, the more people seem to miss the fact that there’s more than altruism behind the activist organizations pushing a “green” agenda.  There are reputations at stake, and money and influence to be pedaled.  And let’s not even get into the whole topic of grants.  Former Vice President Gore has practically made an industry out of environmental hysteria.  And I’m not just talking about the profits inherent in boring people senseless through books and lectures.  (I dunno, I guess some people like to be bored, or are willing to do anything to cure insomnia . . . or something.)  There’s also the millions he’s made investing in green companies that have then been awarded generous government grants  To be clear–I’m not suggesting that Mr. Gore is less than sincere in his beliefs.  I’m just pointing out that his beliefs very conveniently line up with the interests of his wallet.

But I shouldn’t only pick on the former VP.  Back in 2008, the Sierra Club’s 501(c)(4) listed an annual income of $84,438,083 and assets of $61,407,872.  Their COO earned $235,414 in compensation that year.  That may not reach the levels of the biggest corporations, but it’s still nothing to sneeze at.  (And for the record, Grassroot’s annual income doesn’t even come close.  Our entire yearly budget could probably be covered by their paper clips and printer cartridge allocations.)

My point (and there is one, if you’ll just bear with me) is that the picture painted by the environmental lobby where they are portrayed as the caring, future-oriented types backed-up by pure science, and anyone who disagrees is a troglodyte “denier” is as false and biased as anything else you can hear from an activist political group.  With so much money and political capital in play, we shouldn’t be surprised when such groups avoid, bury, or denounce anything that questions their worldview (and money stream).  Like the new report that we human may be just a tad vain and self-centered in taking all the credit for global warming:

The results from an experiment to mimic Earth’s atmosphere by CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, tell researchers that the sun has a significant effect on our planet’s temperature. Its magnetic field acts as a gateway for cosmic rays, which play a large role in cloud formation.

Consequently, when the sun’s magnetic field allows cosmic rays to seed cloud cover, temperatures are cooler. When it restricts cloud formation by deflecting cosmic rays away from Earth, temperatures go up.

Or, as the London Telegraph’s James Delingpole delicately put it:

“It’s the sun, stupid.”

This new finding of 63 scientists from 17 European and U.S. institutes from an experiment that’s been ongoing since 2009 is, if we may paraphrase Vice President Joe Biden, a big deal. Which is exactly why the mainstream media, with so much invested in global warming hysteria, is letting last week’s announcement from CERN pass like a brief summer shower, ignoring it.

Even CERN’s own director general, Rolf-Dieter Heuer, is trying to avoid the meaning of the findings.

He told Germany’s Die Welt Online that he’s “asked the colleagues to present the results clearly, but not to interpret them. That would go immediately into the highly political arena of the climate change debate.”

But, as British science writer Nigel Calder points out, Heuer would have no reservations about entering “‘the highly political arena of the climate change debate’ provided” his results endorsed man-made warming.


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Very good post. A recent article in WSJ (referenced on my blog) brings evidence that solar radiation may be responsible for climate changes. Just don’t tell big Al.

Comment by Vadim

Thank you for this blog: “Its the Sun, Shhh!!!”. This new book empirically proves that the you are correct in your belief that the CERN Cloud Project does disprove Global Warming.

This new book is the only rigorous empirical scientific publication that mathematically proves the Global Warming theory is invalid and proves it is the sun, for a century, not GHG that change temperatures. The new CERN study released this August states: “The researchers also found that their mock cosmic rays stimulated nucleation by a factor of 10, suggesting cosmic rays also boost cloud formation.” This result was confirmed in a published May, 2011 Danish experiment with the same results. It is the increase in solar cycles reduced by minor cloud increases fostered by solar sunspots ejecting cosmic rays that has defined the past century of temperature changes.

Here are the sites for the two experiments:

Danish: Geophysical Research Letters by Dr. Ulrik Ingerslev Uggerhøj, etal from Aarhus University:

The processes of temperature change involve simple 5th Grade math to prove it’s Solar forces, not CO2. This proof quantifies how Solar energy, its magnetic field changes, and sun spots interact to change the Earth’s clouds and reflectivity, or Albedo, as shown below. The total energy from changes in reflectivity and Solar energy changes to 1998 are 11 times greater than the total changes in theoretical GHG forcings available to 2008. But the basics require that you just add four numbers, multiply by a factor, and plot on this temperature chart. Thus, you do not have to be smarter than a 5th grader to understand this truth. A web cast available at provides all the data and calculations for the basics.

New Jet Propulsion Laboratories along with Russian Solar Scientists have proven that the Global Warming PhDs pronouncements on the sun’s energy changes are scientifically invalid. JPL’s solar data proves my book’s Solar only models assumptions are correct and disproves the Global Warming theory as shown at my web site:

No other scientific source has a clear, mathematically proven refutation of Global Warming and a proof that it is the sun not GHG that has caused the temperature increases from 1880 to 1998 and decadal decreases since then. The proof is shown in the key charts at the web site.

The proof that GW is invalid is that its theory over forecasts the today’s temperatures by 220% or under forecasts by 29%. Thus it is not a valid model when matched to valid temperature records from the Hadley and UAH satellite.

As stated above, two ten minute web casts are available at the book’s website: They provide simple proofs of the basic contents of the book.

I have been interviewed by many conservative talk show hosts including Quinn and Rose as well as Mike McConnel . These interviews are on the web site.

It is imperative that the U.S. get back to using all energy sources to improve our competitiveness and get our people back to work. The failed Global Warming scientists are keeping us from resuming our march to excellence.

Please contact me if you need more information.


John Zyrkowski
President, Lean Techniques, LLC
Olympia, WA and San Jose, CA
Author: It’s the SUN, not Your SUV: 2011

Comment by John Zyrkowski, Author

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