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It’s a Burden, Being Right All the Time by maliab
July 25, 2011, 6:08 pm
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As backhanded compliments go, this one is a pretty darn nice one–the applause for Senator Slom from Honolulu Notes for . . . well, just being him.  By which I mean, being right about yet another economically crippling move from the Democratic leadership.  Of course, we’ve liked Sam for a long time, but it’s good to see him getting his due even (or especially) when served with a bit of sardonic humor:

State Senator Sam Slom is a Republican.

And we like him.

In an article for the Hawaii Reporter – he goes to town on a bill signed into law by Neil Abercrombie.

. . . .

Governor Neil Abercrombie signed Act 105 a month ago and Slom is saying it’s already causing major economic troubles.

This was part of the Governor’s plan to row his canoe and increase tax revenues to offset the $1.3 billion two-year budget deficit.

The “temporary tax” is supposed to bring in more than $400 million in tax revenues over two years.

Of course, there is no such thing as a temporary tax, but we digress.

What the bill does is suspend some exemptions from the State’s general excise tax.

Guess what – Slom was right.

. . . .

Since July 1st – airline costs are up, Matson added shipping surcharges ($52 per container) and it’s costing more for sub-contractors and sub-lessees.

Slom says the other shoe has now hit the ground.

Last week the Association of Apartment Owners began to notify owners that previously tax-excluded utility, maintenance and other separated cost items would now be subject to the 4.5% GET on Oahu.

And local vendors who sell to commissaries and other federal government outlets have been notified that they are subject to the tax, making their products less competitive.

There’s more and the complete list of who’s impacted is in his article.

We vote for Sam Slom to take over the Hawaii GOP.

(Read the whole article here on Honolulu Notes.)


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