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Dale’s Energy & Transit Update by maliab
July 13, 2011, 4:52 pm
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Check out the latest news in energy, transit, highways, funding, and zoning–courtesy of Dale Evans, President of Charley’s Taxi:

July 11, 2011
Future U.S. government fuel economy regulations could saddle auto makers with steep fines or even bar the sale of certain models. Violations of proposed government standards could cost auto makers up to $25,000 a vehicle beginning in 2016, up from current levels of $5 to hundreds of dollars per vehicle.Sharon TerlepStates will be held accountable for their spending decisions through new performance measures and transparency requirements.House Transportation Reauthorization Proposal

At least for now, expecting any improvements in federal funding for transit or even highway programs is unrealistic.Yonah Freemark

When a politician tells you they’re cutting spending, they’er actually referring only to reducing the growth of spending. Rarely, if ever, do they actually reduce the level of spending.Larry Kudlow

UAF researchers focus on better, less expensive roads in rural Alaska, Jeff Richardson, Juneau Empire, 7/10/11A New Direction: Transportation Reauthorization Proposal, Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, U.S. Congress, June 2011

States will no longer be required to spend highway funding on non-highway activities. States will be permitted to fund such activities if thye choose, but they will be provided the flexibility to identify and address their most critical infrastructure needs. However, this additional flexibility will not be unchecked. States will be held accountable for their spending decisions through new performance measures and transparency requirements.

The Costs of Smart Growth Revisited: A 40 Year Perspective, Wendell Cox, New Geography, 7/08/11

How to Create Jobs Without Spending a Dime, Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Real Clear Markets, 7/07/11

Enterprising States: Recovery and Renewal for the 21st Century, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 6/20/11

News in Hawaii

City Rents Downtown Office Space for Rail at $1.4 Million a Year, Malia Zimemrman, Hawaii Reporter, 7/06/11

Charter is clear on Council’s Authority over HART, Walter Heen, Honolulu Star Advertiser, 6/29/11

Two Cheers for Mica’s Bill, Bob Poole, Transportation National Review, 7/11/111,389 Million Lies about Mica Plan, The Antiplanner, 7/11/11

Where Are the Jobs?, Selena Zito, Real Clear Politics, 7/10/11

The disappearing black middle class, Jessie Washington, Chicago Sun-Times, 7/10/11

Jobs and the Punting of Responsibility, Jeff Sessions, Paul Ryan, National Review, 7/08/11

The Cost of Government Regulation, Clyde Wayne Crews, Competitive Enterprise Institute, 7/06/11

Cass Sunstein, head of W.H. Office of information and Regulatory Affairs, told Senate committee that SBA’s oft-cited report finding of $1.7 trillion in regulatory costs is an “urban legend.”

The Impact of Regulatory Costs on Small Firms, Nicole V. Crain, W. Mark Craine, SBA, Sep 2010.

Bullion Will Now Be Illegal for All U.S. Residents, Townhall, 7/08/11

Effective Jul 15, 2011

No Higher Gas Tax? Then Prepare for a Transportation-Funding Meltdown, James Russell, The Infrastr5ucturist, 7/07/11

For Federal Transportation Investment, a Difficult Prognosis, the Transport Politic, 7/07/11

Mica’s highway Bill Sets the Right Priorities, Reuters, 7/07/11

Infographic: Which Industries Are Growing In Your State?, Joshua Wright, New Geography, 6/29/11

D.C. never cuts spending, Larry Kudlow, Daily Caller, 7/07/11

In Debt Limit Debate, Higher Taxes Aren’t the Answer, Heritage, 7/07/11

For Small Businesses, ‘Stimulus’ Is A Joke, Investors Business Daily, 7/06/11

House GOP expected to ax transportation funds, Ashley Halsey III, Washington Post, 7/05/11

State “certificate of necessity” laws protect firms, not consumers, Timothy Sandefur, Cato Regulation, Summer 2011

DUI, Uninsured Motorists, Tolling, PPPs, Variable Pricing, RUCS and Sustainable Transportation
UAF researchers focus on better, less expensive roads in rural Alaska, Jeff Richardson, Juneau Empire, 7/10/11Cadillac Station Wagon Out-Muscles Your Muscle Car, Chuck Squatriglia, Wired, 7/08/11

Angeleno Apocalypse: The Coming Carmageddon of a Closed 405, Jens Erik Gould, TimeU.S., 7/08/11

Jerry Brown struggles to get rid of state cars, David Siders, Sacramento Bee, 7/08/11

Developing Smart Street Lights That Switch On As Cars Pass By, MIT Tech Review, 7/07/11

Phone Data to Give a Picture of Traffic Shutdown in L.A., NYTimes, 7/05/11

Federal Highway Program: How Opting Out Would Help States, Ronald Utt, Heritage Foundation 7/06/11

Nevada turns to tolls for congestion relief, Keith Goble, Land Line Mag, 6/22/11

Remembrances of Empty Subways of Weekends Psst, Michael M. Grynbaum, New York Times, 7/10/11Jerusalem tram going nowhere, Reuters, 7/09/11

Power Failure Briefly Halts China’s Showcase Rail Line, Voice of America, 7/11/11

APTA Says Transportation Authorization Proposal Underfunds Critical Public Transportation Systems, APTA, 7/07/11

Rail Transit and Property Values, Christopher MacKechnie, About.Com

Is Los Angeles throwing bus riders under the bus?, Sarah Goodyear, Grist, 7/06/11

A bus line primarily used by women immigrant domestic workers is being cut by the city’s transportation agency.

Spain’s High-Speed White Elephants, The Antiplanner, 7/07/11

Recession hits transit budgets despite rising need, Bob Salsberg, Associated Press, 7/05/11

In China’s High-Speed Successes, a Glimpse of American Difficulties, Yonah Freemark, Transport Politic, 7/03/11

Dallas Dart Light Rail: Major Failure for Transit and Taxpayers. Austin’s results will be more devastating, Jim Skaggs, Coalition on Sustainable Transportation, 7/02/11

TODs, Eminent Domain, Property Rights
Making Cities Smarter By Making Urban Data Digestible, Nate Berg, Planetizen, 7/10/11Many times, suburbia is tossed into the urban core. On paper, the density of LA and Chicago look similar; in fact, their greater metropolitan areas are a mix of compact sections and loose towns.

The Costs of Smart Growth Revisited: A 40 Year Perspective, Wendell Cox, New Geography, 7/08/11

Which Failed Utopias Was Best?, Chris Chafin, The Awl, 7/05/11

Housing and Reckless Disregard for Risk, Steven Malanga, Real Clear Market, 6/29/11

Modernism Mummified, Avinash Rajagopal, MetropolisMag, 6/29/11

A World Food Crisis?,S. Fred Singer, American Thinker, 7/11/11Bulb Act is dim-witted, Rep. Mike Doyle, The Hill, 7/11/11

Experts Skeptical about Potential of Rare-Earth Elements in Seafloor Mud, John Matson, Scientific American, 7/09/11

No Global Warming: Due to China Burning “Extra Coal”!, Peter C. Glover, Energy Tribune, 7/08/11

Canada Has Plenty of Oil, but Does the U.S. Want It?, Chip Cummins, Edward Welsch, WSJ, 7/08/11

Car Wars: The Empire Strikes Luxurymakers, Henry Payne, National Review, 7/07/11

The Environmental Case for Transportation Investment, Fawn Johnson, National Journal Transportation Expert Blogs, 7/05/11

Coal Stops Global Warming?, Investors Business Daily, 7/06/11

Obama’s Tapping of Oil Reserves Helped China More, Newsmax, 7/05/11

Meet Andrew Marshall, the unknown but immensely influential figure behind American national security strategy, Jamie Weinstein, Daily Caller, 7/11/11Chinese Military Chiefs Discuss Maritime Disputes, Other Issues, Hawaii Reporter, 7/10/11

Building a Collaborative Enterprise, Paul Adler, Charles Heckscher, Laurence Prusak, Harvard Business Review, Jul-Aug 2011

Extra Sleep Boosts Basketball Players’ Prowess, Emily Singer, MIT Tech Review, 7/07/11

Jet industry furious at Obama, Caroline May, The Daily Caller, 7/06/11

How Obamacare Reduces People to the ‘Average Patient’, Paul Howard, National Review, 7/05/11

Terrorists Get Better with Practice: New Mathematical Model Shows How Fatal Attacks Escalate Over Time, Katherine Harmon, Scientific American, 7/01/11

Legal But Deadly, Roger Bate, Julissa Milligan, American Enterprise Institute, 6/30/11


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