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The High Cost of Government Jobs by maliab

Senator Sam Slom and Small Business Hawaii regularly distribute a e-newsletter with items of interest for Hawaii’s entrepreneurs and supporters of business.  With the recession still on everyone’s mind, it can be a difficult thing to watch the barriers placed on business and economic recovery–not just in Hawaii, but around the country.  After all, small business often operates like the barometer of our economy.  When they thrive, so do we.  When they struggle, it’s a sign that things aren’t going well (or may be about to get worse).  I’ll save my diatribe about the federal reserve and the credit crunch on small business for another day, but I was much struck by this note in the Small Business Hawaii newsletter:

Coincidental that the final report on the federal stimulus spending program was quietly released last Friday before the July 4 weekend. The report, not reported in most government media, confirmed that the only real jobs created were those in government. The cost per job? It was $278,000. Per government job.

Not that we needed more proof, but what finer example can there be of the fact that growing the economy is best left to the private sector?  How many jobs could the typical Hawaii business create with $278,000?  More than one I bet.


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