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The Hardest Working Newspaper in Hawaii Gets Some Respect by maliab
July 5, 2011, 8:37 am
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It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Hawaii Reporter over here–and not just because they’re kind enough to reproduce our articles from time to time.  It’s all too easy to get cynical about the bias and elitism that is apparent in news services of all levels–from your giant media conglomerates to your infuriating hometown paper.  But Hawaii Reporter has consistently held to both encouraging a sense of community–of really belonging to the Islands–and to presenting fair, unbiased, and hard-hitting reporting.  And now they’re finally getting some of the recognition they deserve.  Fox News today has an article praising Hawaii Reporter for its willingness to dig deeper and take on the political establishment, presenting the stories and perspectives that might otherwise be ignored or shut out.  A few highlights from the article:

Malia Zimmerman has never been afraid to take on the political establishment in Hawaii.

She took on the former governor after she was fired from her journalism job — saying her employer was pressured by the governor to fire her. She exposed political corruption and refused to hand over sources. And she constantly takes on Hawaii’s notoriously tight-knit  business and political elite.

Her site, the Hawaii Reporter, is one of the few investigative online newspapers that digs deep into local issues and politics –and that has gained her national attention.

. . . .

She’s known for being fearless and tenacious in challenging assumptions and the status quo, says former Rep. Ed Case (D-Hawaii), and that has earned her some powerful enemies in Hawaii.

“Folks that work in the political status quo in Hawaii don’t really want any light shown on what they’re up to or why, and those folks don’t like Malia because she does shine a light. So they’d just as soon she go away, which she’s not going to do,” Case explains.

. . . .

Randy Roth, a professor of law at the University of Hawaii who served as senior policy analyst to former Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle, says readers go to Hawaii Reporter because of the reputation its built of doing the stories others aren’t and providing different points of view in a fair and balanced way.

“People who are less than happy with politics in Hawaii view the Reporter as an essential source of information and points of view. They are more inclined to hold the politically powerful accountable as compared to mainstream media,” Roth explains.

Asking tough questions, not backing down, and getting to the bottom of an issue, Malia says, is a reputation both she and her paper take great pride in.

“We really come at it from a tax-payer’s perspective, that it’s all about how your tax-payer dollars being spent.”

Congratulations to Malia Zimmerman and Hawaii Reporter.  They deserve a huge mahalo for all that they’ve done to stand up for the little guy in Hawaii.  Let’s all do what we can to support the kind of bold and courageous thinking that has started to make a real difference in Hawaii.

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Congratulations to Malia and all those involved with Hawaii Reporter! You are the hardest working TRUE journalists in Hawaii and we’re so grateful you exist.

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