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Dale’s News Round-Up by maliab
June 29, 2011, 2:19 pm
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Dale Evans, President of Charley’s Taxi distributes a regular newsletter featuring the  latest news on “Energy, Funding, Highways, Transit, and Zoning.”  It’s an interesting and entertaining collection of headlines from around the world, and she has graciously given us permission to reproduce it here for Grassroot readers.  We’ll be linking to Dale’s newsletters on a regular basis, so come back regularly for the latest news.  (And be sure to check out the full newsletter by clicking the link . . . otherwise, you might miss the story about the train to nowhere.

June 29, 2011
Good decision making is not only a question of better and more rational information, but also of institutional arrangements that promote accountability, and especially accountability towards risk. We see accountability not just as being a question about periodic elections, but also about a continuing dialogue between civil society and policy makers and about institutions holding each other accountable through appropriate checks and balances. Thus we replace the conventional decisionistic approach to megaproject development with a more current institutionalistic one centred on the practices and rules that comprise risk and accountability. We also hold that our approach must be based on actual experience from concrete projects. The purpose is to ensure a realistic understanding of the issues at hand as well as proposals that are practically desirable and possible to implement. — Bent Flyvbjerg, Megaprojects and Risk
City rails against future of tram line, Ian Swanson, Edinburgh News, 6/27/11Farmers markets seek federal funds, Emily Battle,, 6/25/11

Application for low income communities in “food deserts” through local “regional planning agency” (MPO)

Young Kiwis fear apartment living, Charlie Gates, Stuff.NZ, 4/28/11

Worst fear is being cut off from outdoor pursuits.

News in Hawaii

Honolulu Council Should Push for Rail Transparency, Honolulu Civil Beat, 5/02/11

Click here to read the entire newsletter.


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