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A Healthy Bargain by maliab
June 15, 2011, 4:24 pm
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This past weekend, Sam’s Club was offering free health screenings for men.  (An often overlooked and under-served group when it comes to preventive medicine, for a bunch of social and cultural reasons that are way off-the-subject here, but which you can learn more about at the Men’s Health Network.)  Among the services offered at the free men’s screenings were BMI measurements, cholesterol tests, blood pressure readings, prostate cancer tests, and more–in short, while it may not replace a full physical, for those who can’t (or won’t ) see a doctor regularly, this was a good start.

And Sam’s Club is going to continue with the good work, offering more free screenings each month throughout the year.  July will feature Kid’s Health Screenings, including vision, blood pressure and BMI measurements.  And later this year, there will be Vision Health Screenings, Women’s Health Screenings, Diabetes Screenings, and Digestive Health Screenings.  You can learn more about when the screenings will be and where to find them on the Sam’s Club website.

And while you’re waiting for your free check-up, ponder this: in just a few years (assuming it isn’t repealed) Obamacare is going to require you to buy insurance coverage for the very same services that are being offered for free here.  And chances are that the response time for your test results will be slower and the “bedside manner” won’t be an improvement either.


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