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Huge Improvement Potential for Hawaii Education System by grassroothawaii
April 19, 2011, 3:37 pm
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by Frances Nuar

There’s some great news for education in Hawaii hailing from the leeward side of Oahu. Two schools, Waianae High School and Nanakuli Intermediate and High School have been implementing the New Tech Network, a program driven by both technology and project-based learning that engages the students at an elemental level.

The benefits are evident at every level, as Civil Beat reports:

The students benefit from a greater amount of self-examination, self-direction, teamwork and analysis. Teachers benefit from the amount of time and stress they are spared by not having to assign every step-by-step task. The school system benefits by using its personnel more efficiently. A team of two teachers can easily direct an entire classroom of 60 students in the new tech model.

The project-based learning demands a certain level of accountability and responsibility from students that can’t be implemented in a traditional classroom setting. The students have clear goals and assignments and have to work together to complete their tasks, making the students far more proactive than their traditional school counterparts. Peer accountability plays a key role as students who don’t pull their weight are “fired” from their groups and have to complete the assignment on their own. The students own their own learning, creating a culture of trust amongst themselves where they have a vested interest in their own success: it’s not just the teachers who want the students to succeed, but they themselves.

Both schools are excited about the positive results seen thus far, and if New Tech’s history is any example, they will only be seeing more success in the next few years. Every New Tech student who applied to a two-year college was accepted, while 85% of those who applied to a four-year college were accepted–and they arrived prepared: 100 percent of students were at college English levels, 65 percent at math, and 78 percent at science. Compare this to Waianae’s most recent scores: 46 percent were proficient in reading, 6 percent in math, and 9 percent in science, or even to the state average of 60 percent, 39 percent, and 27 percent respectively.

This program has serious potential. Kudos to the teachers and students implementing this revolutionary program to improve public education in Hawaii.


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