Rooted in Reason: Nurturing the Seeds of Liberty

Happy Aloha Friday! by grassroothawaii
February 18, 2011, 2:11 pm
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by Frances Nuar

So it’s Friday here in the office, and I’m sure you are looking forward to the long weekend ahead of us. I know I am! Thanks to the many great presidents who have led our amazing country, we can all kick back for an extra day and appreciate and enjoy our lives and the people in them.

If you’re like me you’re going to be at the beach, bbq’ing with friends, surfing and just enjoying the wonderful weather we are so lucky to have here in Hawaii.

But wait, much as I would like to go on and on about the amazing weekend I have planned, and hopefully hear from some of you about the great things you are doing, time for some serious talk.

Are you planning on going grocery shopping this weekend? Getting some ono grinds for that BBQ? Well did you know the legislature has introduced no less than 17 bills aimed at prohibiting or imposing fees on the use of plastic bags? Why the need to limit your freedom to choose what kind of bag you utilize to lug your groceries around?

There’s always got to be a good mix of pupus and drinks at a BBQ, but better start slurping down those sugary drinks before prices go up! Like some Lilikoi Passion Hawaiian Sun? Traditional Coco-Cola? Well your “parents” at the legislature think you shouldn’t be drinking sugary drinks, don’t you know how bad they are for you? To save you from your own poor decisions and discourage you from buying these terrible drinks, they have introduced 4 bills to increase the tax on sugary drinks. (Note: my blog the other day said the sugary drinks bill is dead. They snuck the tax into other bills!)

Or maybe you want to light some fireworks this weekend. (I’m hoping to see some good shows!) There are numerous bills introduced to ban the use of fireworks, including aerial devices such as sky lanterns.

Some other things our legislators are hoping to ban:

  • making it unlawful, and imposing a fine and imprisonment, for anyone who buys or sells foie gras, also known as duck or goose liver
  • stopping the sale of novelty lighters
  • prohibiting the sale of toy guns
  • mandating the type of outdoor light fixtures sold, so as not to have “light pollution” that threatens Hawaii’s dark night sky
  • banning leaf blowers
  • establishing a ban on genetically modified taro in the state

If you are interested in seeing for yourself what else has been introduced in the over 3000 bills introduced in the House or Senate, head on over to Hawaii Votes and start searching for yourself!




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