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Checking the Paychecks by maliab
January 19, 2011, 2:29 pm
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By Malia Hill

Have you been to lately?  Would it help if I told you that it will help you suss out the weekly paychecks of your friends, neighbors, and irritating acquaintances?

In addition to providing information on the spending of different state departments, Hawaii Sunshine also lists the official pay ranges for most of Hawaii’s state jobs. (I say “most” because certain job listings are tricky enough to be discretionary in their pay rates–leaving no official range to be recorded.)  So now you know that if your friend is a District Health Officer, Highways Administrator, or Public Works Administrator (all with salary ranges from $90,792 to $129,180) and never picks up the tab, he’s just being cheap.  On the other hand, if your friend is about to apply for a position as an entry level Janitor, Park Caretaker, or Kitchen Helper, you can tell him that negotiating his salary is going to be tough–the official range goes from a minimum of $33,228 to a maximum of $33,228.

One of the most interesting things about the salary information is how upset some people are that it’s publicly available online.  It seems that some public employees would rather we didn’t know exactly how much (or how little) they are paid.  Well, they might argue that they don’t work for us, the taxpayers, but they sure are paid by us, so I don’t see how that argument  holds water.  And that’s before we even factor in the value of their benefits and pensions.


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