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Hawaii Ed 101 by maliab
December 29, 2010, 7:02 am
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by Malia Blom Hill

Need a primer on the state of education in Hawaii?  Check out the entry on Hawaii’s school system at It’s a great overview of things you know (huge spending to little effect), things you suspected (though slowly improving, Hawaii is near the bottom in the performance of its students on the National Assessment of Education Progress), and cool factoids (this is the only American education system established by a sovereign monarch).  Some key points:

  • The total budget for the state of Hawaii for FY 2009 was approximately $10.54 billion, of that education appropriations amounted to approximately 23.06%.
  • The cost per pupil is $11,800, the 13th highest the nation according the Census Bureau 2007-2008 report.
  • Newly hired teachers in Hawaii with a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree make approximately $32,713 annually and with six years of experience make $44,452 a year, according to the 2009-2010 Hawaii Teachers’ Gross Annual Salary Schedule.
  • “Complete College America says less than two out of three of Hawaii’s students will graduate from high school and only 40 out of 100 graduating students will go on to college. Only 10 out of each of those 40 students will make it through their freshman year of college. Out of the 100 students, 3 percent will graduate “on time” from a four-year college and 4 percent from community colleges, the report says.”

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This is very interesting news. Check this out. The article says the cost per pupil is $11,800, but this morning reported that the Department of Education sent $12,927 to the Meditation Center of the Pacific. Do not get me wrong I am all for developing a child to their full potential but I personally know a middle school teacher who right now cannot buy needed text books for her class. Didn’t the new Governor release millions of dollars to the Dept to end school furloughs? I just do not understand this thinking. Can anyone see any logic in this, anywhere?

Comment by Frankie McCurley

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