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A Penny Spent by maliab
December 15, 2010, 6:11 pm
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By Malia Blom Hill

Over on the Hawaii Sunshine Forums, one of the posters made the very fair point that when you are examining state expenditures and only have the payee, amount, and payor (and nothing else), it’s important not to jump to conclusions about the validity of that entry.  And he has a point, as far as it goes.  But at the same time, that is the way that madness lies.  Because (with the exception of those kinds of out-there spends that only a fiscal liberal can love) there’s almost always someone who can give you a reason why it really was necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on massage tables or taxis or the like.

Take some of our most recent Twitter Spends of the Day: $12.48 to GamePro Magazine and $160.93 to A&E Home Video.  Both were from the Department of Education and fall under the category of “Instructional Support.”  We’ll grant the DOE the benefit of the doubt and assume that the videos they were buying were educational documentaries and not the complete Dog the Bounty Hunter series.  As for GamePro . . . well, it’s a video game magazine.  I suppose it could be necessary to add to the library for those who are studying . . . er . . . the art of video game reviewing?

So what’s the big deal?  After all, this is less than pennies in the scope of a state budget.  And we’ve found a plausible reason for the expenses.  And there (in those three sentences) you’ve found the essence of why sites like Hawaii Sunshine are important.  Because pork is not always about million dollar bridges-to-nowhere.  It’s about an attitude and a culture.  And those pennies add up.  Until, before you know it, you’re in a high-tax state wondering where all the money is going.


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