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$120 Million Spent on Migrant Services by grassroothawaii
December 14, 2010, 9:45 am
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by Frances Nuar

Sure Obama Care comes with a slew of freedom and constitutionality issues, not to mention outrageous costs, but not many people are aware of the Federal health mandate that is all our own here in Hawaii. Under the 1986 Compact of Free Association, Micronesia, Palau, and the Marshall Islands were all given free access to migration, education, and health care in the United States. (Caveat: we gave them these privileges because we used nukes on their islands. Not so great). So they can live and work here like an American citizen, granted most of the same rights and advantages without actually being a citizen. Not bad.

The issue that comes up though is while Micronesians can go anywhere in the United States for these services, almost all of them come here to Hawaii, in part due to our relative proximity, in part due to our lovely weather which mirrors their own. (For the record, I wouldn’t exactly go to Alaska either when I could be on the sunny beaches of Hawaii).

So imagine you could get a job that pays better, get free education, and free health care. I’d bet you would come to America as well. But it always, always comes back to, but what about the money?

“Hawaii’s government spends more than $120 million a year on services for the migrants, and the federal government provides only $11 million to help cover the costs, according to the state Department of Human Services.”

Read: Hawaii’s taxpayers pay more than $120 million a year for services for migrants. The federal government only compensates for about 10% of that. Hawaii tried to cut back on their services to control costs, but was ordered to restore more comprehensive health care plans. Whooops. Time to start digging deeper into your pockets, fellow taxpayers.


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The 10th Amendment should protect the State of Hawaii’s interests in this matter. The federal government should never make promises of $$$ on the backs of the 50 states. But it does. Sounds like Abercrombie should use his extensive DC contacts to rectify this situation…

Comment by Keith

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