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Oh the irony! Obama by grassroothawaii
November 19, 2010, 12:16 pm
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By Hideo Hikida

There is a NATO summit going on right now in Portugal in which world leaders that are a part of the NATO alliance are meeting to discuss all matters security (missile defense, arms reduction, removal of NATO troops from Afghanistan, etc) with a environmentally friendly theme. The host country of Portugal had hoped to encourage the use of green, eco-friendly cars and practices at the summit by encouraging all leaders to use said transportation to get to the meeting.

Prime Minister Jose Socrates and his fellow Portuguese, the president of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso, had arrived at the summit in quiet, zero-emission electric cars while also touting the world’s first national electric vehicle charging network. Even within the highly secure summit site, electric buses were put on to transport journalists between venues.

Obama had previously supported this measure, saying that

“An area where I want to congratulate the prime minister and the Portuguese people is for the extraordinary leadership that you’ve shown in clean energy.”

“The prime minister’s leadership on electric cars will create new opportunities for American companies here in Portugal … and this is an example of what Portugal and America can achieve together.”

You would think that after saying all of that, Obama too, would arrive in an eco-friendly vehicle to support the measures right? Wrong! It turns out that Obama pulled into the summit site with none other than his eight-ton diesel fuel sucking limousine and his usual convoy of gas-guzzling SUV’s. If there was a way in which to undercut the environmentally friendly theme of this NATO Summit, Obama just did it.


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