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These statistics should make all of us mad by grassroothawaii
November 15, 2010, 8:55 am
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By Larry Bryan

Federal government spending is clearly out of control.  These statistics should make all of us mad as hell, especially during a time when the country is bleeding and the economy is in serious trouble.

During the last five years, the number of federal employees making over $150,000 increased over ten fold (at least $10 billion a year in new expenditures plus benefit costs).  My guess is much of the increase is due to expansive legislation (such as the recent healthcare legislation) which will require significant increases in the number of highly-paid administrative staff.  Unless Congress stops passing expansive legislation and places a freeze on hiring, promotions and pay increases, government payrolls and pay scales will continue to increase at rates that far exceed those in the private sector (which should be the benchmark because they are based on market driven economics).

Keep in mind, not even Google or Apple, with their incredible financial success, has racked up staff and pay increases such as these. Not even close.

Please write to your elected representatives to demand a freeze on expansive legislation, government hiring, promotions and pay increases until government spending is brought into check and the federal budget is in balance.  Congress should also be willing to freeze their salaries, benefits and any other compensation they receive.


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