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Hang on to your wallets Hawai‘i! by grassroothawaii
November 12, 2010, 2:52 pm
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By Mike Rethman

In contrast with the outgoing Linda Lingle, Governor-elect Abercrombie has already announced that he will not consider the financial implications of Honolulu’s pending rail project once the pending EIS is ready for his review in the coming weeks.  And why should he fret over a problem that’s not technically his responsibility and affects only 80% of those who live in the state he’ll soon lead?  After all, train costs are technically the city’s problem.

What will our new mayor Peter Carlisle do when facing an honest assessment of the enormous fiscal potholes that deepen in every American city that owns a similar system?  On the one hand, candidate Carlisle loudly promised fiscal sanity while simultaneously offering up what appeared to be unquestioning support for the train.  Will Carlisle pretend as if the fiscal potholes aren’t there and instead try to bounce the costs to the future – just like our state and federal leaders have foolishly done for decades?  Or will Carlisle argue for big tax increases so we will pay-as-we-go?  Or will Carlisle nix the whole thing?  And how will a newly elected and inexperienced Abercrombie react to bad news about real costs of the train  when it comes to paying off the unions who elected him?  Hang on to your wallets Hawai‘i!


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