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“How to Serve Conservatives” — A Nobel Book or Cook Book? by grassroothawaii
November 9, 2010, 9:12 am
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By George Berish

Why would ancient liberal Richard Borreca, and new monopoly newspaper owner from socialist Canada, advise conservatives how to best rebuild Hawaii’s failed Republican Party?  I think because convincing conservatives to beat their heads against the entrenched, Lingle-installed, GOP hierarchy (that made it insignificant) would best drain conservatives of energy and resource.

I mean, could America’s founders have remained loyal members of a failing Monarchy and “worked from within” to “reform” it into America?  So why should people who share the founder’s Tea Party spirit frustrate themselves “working from within” against that failed entrenched hierarchy to “reform” them back to minimal life? That’s like formerly letting Perot misuse our spirit to settle his personal score with Bush senior (giving us Clinton)?

Hawaii’s Tea Party spirit deserves a better home.  Not the resuscitated McCain/Lingle/Steel GOP that Star and Borreca envision.

America’s founders gave “parties” no role in America’s government, let alone decreed exactly and only two! So there’s room for “Another Party”.  Less socialist than Democrat, and while God-fearing, less religious than Hawaii’s GOP.

Born-equal Americans are unique individuals, so we deserve more than just two choices.  And more than two makes polarization literally impossible, to boot.



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