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2010 Hawaii Election -Tea Party who? by grassroothawaii
November 3, 2010, 1:31 pm
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By George Berish

If you believe America’s founders could have remained loyal to a failing Monarchy, and “worked from within” to “reform” it into America, stop reading. You likely believe Hawaii can be freed of one-party rule by remaining loyal members of a failing local Republican Party and “working from within” to “reform” it back from ankle-biting size. And I don’t.

America’s founders gave parties no role in America’s government*, let alone specified a two-party-only government, let alone made them the Democrat and Republican parties … forever. So let’s create Another Party to prevent Hawaii’s GOP survivors from squandering the Tea Party spirit – like Perot once squandered earlier American dissatisfaction settling his personal problems with Sr. President Bush.

Not a “Third” party (i.e. not the alter ego of a rich person, or a one-dimensional gaggle). But Another Party whose platform fits between America’s two polarized giants. Less socialism. Still God-fearing, but with less “religiousness”.

Note: Exactly, and only, two of anything literally defines “Polarization”, but it’s literally impossible to polarize three of anything. And everything you believe about Another Party is false. E.g. Two giants neutered by polarization make Another Party, with only 2% of Congress, powerful enough to dictate the outcome, not powerless.


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