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I’m tired of Hawaii being everyone’s “guinea pig” by grassroothawaii
October 29, 2010, 3:05 pm
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By George Berish

Oil’s spot price topped $140 in 2008. Twixt then and this morning it fell to $82. Your electric bill? Mine went up – a lot!

Here’s why. The governor(s) discovered unelected HECO executives (easy victims of administration rule making), and unelected utility board members (beholden to appointers), can easily bypass elected lawmakers to tax us for her/his projects.

Take Lingle’s billion dollar electric cord to Maui. Malleable HECO executives “agree” to build it. Appointed utility board members “approve” it. You get an “enhanced” electric bill as inescapable as a tax bill. We buy overpriced Green electricity from the governors’ friends who produce it in already taxpayer-subsidized enterprises.

To what end? Leave more oil (i.e. make it cheaper) for China’s industries to use in competing against Hawaii’s businesses using overpriced Green electricity?

Or take HECO’s recent “agreement” to spend many millions for gigantic batteries (made with dangerous “heavy metals” like mercury, cadmium, lead, etc. – all siblings of arsenic, and as dangerous and difficult to dispose of). Why? Make unreliable Green energy barely useable to bail out earlier uneconomic (i.e. subsidized) green “investments” profitable?
It makes elected lawmakers irrelevant. Already rich “environmentalists” remake Hawaii into pastoral personal-park. We get the bill. Anyone else upset?


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I’m with you, George. It’s just another example of the insanity of constantly attempting to reform a corrupt system. Now they want to do the same thing with the Board of Education – make them appointed officials. We the people have to wake up and say NO!

Instead of trying to reform the corrupt system, what’s required is RESTORATION.

Restoration of the rule of law, which means that that the people need to stop wasting time trying to reform the corrupt system and join together to reinstitute and restart our government. Visit hawaii-republic.ORG for more details.

Comment by Mike Higgins

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