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Nightmare in Obamacare by grassroothawaii
October 27, 2010, 10:42 am
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By Michael Mentnech (From Hilo, HI)

Who needs cemeteries when you have paper work? You will not have to die to get buried with Obama-Care. Becoming law on Election Day and starting in 2012 everyone, yes you too, will have to track everything and everybody you pay money to.  You will be required to track all your expenses and file a 1099 form when those expenses exceed $600.00 to any one individual or company during the year. You will be required to get their name, address, and Social Security number and you will be required to give them yours. You will be sending a 1099 form with the exact amount you spent to: Wal Mart, McDonalds, Safeway, your hairdresser, yardman, movie theaters, restaurants, on and on. Welcome to identify theft on steroids!

The fine for not complying with this new blizzard of paper work is $50.00 up to $100,000 per form. Millions of people will not be able to comply with this requirement, which instantly makes them criminals.  Of course if you wonder how the IRS is going to deal with an additional estimated 3 to 5 billion forms each January, it’s called job creation.

Out of concern that you are not shouldering your fair share of the 3.5 trillion-dollar budget, Democrats inserted this domestic spying requirement in the health bill. Republicans have vowed to repeal it.

For this new affliction we have to thank our “Divine Right Incumbents” Maize Hirono, Neil Abercrombie, Dan Akaka, and Dan Inouye.  So by all means robo-vote them all back into office because it’s good intentions not results or consequences that count.


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