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Elected or appointed? — Nope. More Boards by grassroothawaii
October 19, 2010, 1:29 pm
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By George Berish

Was the insert to Sunday’s BOE: Elected or appointed article a trick SAT question where the statements are true, but the conclusion is false?  I mean the reasons given for “Yes” (appointed BOE) more logically support “No”.  No?

“More accountable”?  Yes, but to politicians who appoint them.  Not to taxpayers who fund the schools.  Not to parents whose children have been shortchanged for decades.

Do “quicker reforms” on a “broader scale”?  Yes, but aren’t ever more, and ever more frequent, “reforms” what transformed the education given to high school graduates in the 1950’s — by pre-reform schools the world envied – into today’s education that leaves Hawaii’s students anchoring America’s standardized test scores — as America’s scores sink in the world?

“More knowledgeable on education trends”?  Yes, but for decades that trend has been awful!  How in heavens name does becoming more knowledgeable help?

The problem’s not an elected BOE.  It’s a centralized BOE. Monopolies have no competition. They get fat, lazy and fail.  So improvement requires more than one Board — controlled by taxpayers and parents.  The only role for politicians should be equalizing the per-child funding so a community’s efforts, not its starting wealth, determines how well their children are educated.


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This is exactly the right answer. Why has it taken the Grassroot Institute so long to recognize this. Why has it let the Republican Party get away with supporting this obvious centralization of power. Centralization is always bad for individual freedom. The Grassroot Institute should have opposed this amendment from the very beginning.

Comment by Mike Higgins

The real question is, who does the public vote for, when you don’t know who are the candidates. Are they qualified to run for BOE? What are their ideas on running the BOE?

The current system of electing BOE isn’t working. Where’s the accountability? It could very well be that moving to a centralized BOE will make the problem worst off.

One solution is to move BOE elections out of election year cycles and make them off year local elections, where the candidates can be properly vetted by the public. Much like how our Gubernatorial and Senate races are run. But after the noise of party elections have ceased.

This year, on the Big Island, we had 21 questions on the ballot, besides the BOE question. I can research them and make my own decision on how to vote for them.

However, with only 2 candidates for the Second Departmental School Board Seat (MAUI), and 13 OHA candidates, the ballot now becomes a joke. Simply because not voting becomes an automatic NO vote. We voters don’t get the option to vote “Present”! Or none of the above.

Comment by Kini

The elected school board is structured to prove Democracy dosen’t work. What we need is a Central Committee. Can anyone name one that hasn’t been an outstanding success?

Comment by Mike Mentnech

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