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God protect me from my “friends”. I’ll handle my enemies by grassroothawaii
October 15, 2010, 9:20 am
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By George Berish

Democrats say they favor bigger government, more taxes, and view citizens as government “clients”. It’s always true.  It increases opposition by people who, as I do, oppose all three.  Republicans tell me they favor smaller government, limited taxation, and view office holders as “public servants”.  It’s not always true.  When false it undercuts me and other opponents of those Democrat goals.  I mean:

Lower taxes?  Democrats fail twice to secure a 1/4% GET increase under a Democrat governor.  He’s replaced by a Republican governor.  She breaks a signed no new tax pledge and solicits a successful 1/2% GET increase from Democrats lawmakers by promising no veto – after being told by Republican Lawmakers they had the votes to sustain her veto.

Smaller government/Office holders as “Public Servants”?  In his first “minutes” Republican Mayor Carlisle embraces $5.5 billion of new debt to build a Rail System his experts tell him will run at a loss forever, i.e. a perpetual tax increase.  Then he endorses creation of a new Unelected Commission.  It expands government size and complexity.  It turns citizens into ping pong balls bounced between unelected Commissioners, beholden to their appointers – not citizens, and Lawmakers claiming impotence, because the Commissioners are “independent”.

[And I should vote… why?]



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I agree. Trying to reform a corrupt system is insanity! The best you can do is slow down the rate of increase. History shows that the lies come from both parties and the corruption is never reversed.

What’s needed is RESTORATION! … Restoration of Constitutional governance; restoration of respect for individual rights; restoration and re-habitation of our lawful government, which was hi-jacked and abandoned, but not abolished, in 1860.

Learn what really happened in 1860 and how you can help re-inhabit the previously-abandoned, but now restored, Republic and encourage others to do the same.

Visit to review the history and join the Republic.

Comment by Mike Higgins

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