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$20 Billion Tax-Deducted Foreign Corporation Political Contribution? by grassroothawaii
October 13, 2010, 12:26 pm
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By George Berish

Democrats Aim to Curb GOP Donors reports that President Obama accused the Chamber of Commerce of putting foreign money to political use.  So I must ask in return:

Isn’t BP a foreign corporation? Didn’t BP “contribute” $20 Billion to a “private” non-profit organization unilaterally controlled by Mr. Obama (as a politician, not President)?  I assert unilateral control, because Obama told us it is a private fund, and I watched Obama unilaterally appoint the man who now spends the money where ever and how ever it pleases him – not just in the Gulf-states — and neither the appointment nor subsequent spending seems subject to oversight by Congress, the Gulf-state governors, local governments, any court, or … well … anyone but the two of them!

Why isn’t the money supervised by the Gulf-state governors anyway?

Biggest question:  Isn’t it a gross violation of campaign laws for a foreign corporation to take a $20 billion tax deduction for “contributing” $20 billion to a private fund under the direct, apparently unilateral, control of a politician who is out actively campaigning as I write?



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