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The Bucks, but not Responsibility, Stop With Me: Or Fault-Free Public Service. by grassroothawaii
October 12, 2010, 2:26 pm
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By George Berish

Some things never change.  The sun rises every morning.

Republicans misrepresent free market economics e.g. rationalize creation of Walton-sized dynasties by intentionally confusing good “Free Trade” (requiring a free partner like Japan or India) with bad “Open Trade” (allowing oppressive and corrupt partners, like China and Mexico, to exploit Americans).

Democrats use every excuse to create unelected commissions so they can “plausibly deny” any responsibility for the actions they order the Commissioners they appoint to take, e.g. this week candidate Abercrombie requests an Energy Commission to funnel taxpayer money to friends with great ideas (albeit never ideas in which anyone industrious, lucky and intelligent enough to have investable savings would invest). And the Mayor and Council want a Rail Commission to disown responsibility for borrowing $5 Billion Hawaii’s taxpayers can’t afford, while retaining the ability to direct how people they appoint spend it.

Constancy is comforting, but not free.  The cost is taxpayers becoming Ping-Pong balls batted between politicians and Commissioners who then tell us “We can’t help you, because the other guy did it to you”.  I can’t think of one good reason a sensible taxpayer should hand Billions taxpayer money to Commissioners we don’t elect?  Can you?


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