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Duke Aiona’s Transportation Policy: Roads by grassroothawaii
September 23, 2010, 11:52 am
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By Hideo Hikida

Today starts a new series in the blog in which I’ll start reading the Policy agendas posted by our Gubernatorial candidates and dish out some of my opinions on said agendas. Today, I’m starting with Duke Aiona’s Trasportation Policy; more specifically what he plans to do with the roads on Oahu.

Earlier yesterday, Republican Candidate for Governor Duke Aiona released his Transportation policy agenda to the public via his website. Within the agenda, Aiona’s main priorities as governor in terms of transportation would be to improve highways, airports and harbors while encouraging alternative forms of transportation.

One interesting plan that Aiona has laid out is his desire to install a new 40-hour, four-day state government work week program to cut traffic congestion. The agenda explains that in order to accomplish this, Aiona will look into and take advantage of current technology to implement “sensible and practical telecommuting opportunities.” As of right now, I still have mixed thoughts about this plan. Logically, the plan could work, being since that less people working will mean less people commuting to work. That being said, does Aiona plan to just minimize the State government system to a bare-bones staff on Fridays? It’s hard enough for non state workers to go to state offices during the work week to run their errands. Will eliminating an entire work day for the State Government be a good thing in the end for those who need State Government services? If this plan ever comes into effect, State offices can expect an even bigger flow of human traffic. You think the DMV is crowded right now? I’m scared to think of how bad it might be when they don’t open on Fridays. While I may be jumping to conclusions a bit here, it’s needless to say that Aiona needs to elaborate more on the 4-day work week because as of right now, I’m more skeptical than optimistic.

Aiona also desires to open an afternoon Contraflow lane on H-1 West, expand the Middle Street merge westbound, seek federal approval for H-1 wesbound lane widening through striping between Punahou and the Pali off-ramp and building out the Kapolei interchange complex to establish alternative methods of access to the H1. The fact that Aiona strives to do something about the Middle Street merge is something that is winning huge points for me because as you all know, the Middle Street merge is probably one of the most agonizing stretches of road to be on at essentially any time of day. It’s places like the MSM that make me pray for the quick implementation of teleportation technology.

Another issue that Aiona brings up is the expansion of the Freeway Safety Patrol Program which provides immediate roadside assistance and timely towing of stalled vehicles to minimize traffic backups. Up until I read the agenda, I had no clue that this program actually even existed! If by “expand”, Aiona means “make visible and public” then I’m all for it because I have yet to see anything on this supposed program. (But I suppose that’s a good thing because the stalls and accidents are already cleared up? who knows)

Duke goes on to promise to fix Hawaii’s terrible pothole situation, (the 808 is apparently 47th out of 50 in terms of pothole problems), direct the DOT to continue to use reflective signs instead of lighted signs to conserve energy, and to upgrade the highway monitoring and surveillance system.

When it comes to the Rail, Aiona states that he “has always supported mass transit on Oahu. As Governor, he will carefully review the third-party independent financial analysis of the proposed Honolulu rail transit project. When the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the project has been transmitted to the Governor’s Office, he will base his decision to approve the EIS on the results of the independent financial analysis to ensure there is sufficient funding to complete and maintain the project. “

What do you think about that statement?

Next time, I’ll look into Aiona’s Healthcare Agenda. Stay tuned readers. It’s gonna be great.


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