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What is Washington’s spending costing you? by grassroothawaii
September 14, 2010, 3:17 pm
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By Hideo Hikida

Earlier today, Dick Rowland passed on a website that really proceeded to open up my eyes. The website asks you about 3 questions, then taking that information, calculates the total amount of taxes that you are going to owe for your lifetime based on current government spending. What’s eye opening is that they also tell you what you COULD HAVE earned instead of paying out. Insane stuff people, if you have about 3 seconds of free time, I really urge you to check the website out. With the election season right on the horizon, we need to have as much information as possible when it comes to choosing the right candidate that will enforce the greater good and reduce our nation’s tremendous debt as well as cut down on irrelevant spending. So please, everyone, please take some time off and visit this website.


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