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High Quality American Job? by grassroothawaii
August 6, 2010, 12:44 pm
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By Dick Rowland

I am sick and tired of seeing and hearing politicians of all stripes at all levels (plus a few economists) talk about the “need” for high quality jobs. When asked to define such, they usually talk in terms of internet and science related work—engineering, biology, etc.

Never addressed is the obvious question: What are low quality jobs? If the answer is produce worker at Safeway, or sewer worker at an infrastructure maintenance company, my answer is some questions. “Do you think clean vegetables occur spontaneously or that we do not need functioning sewers?  The answer, of course, is that we do need those jobs done. If people (customers) need those functions done and they are helpful, how can they be low quality by definition? Perhaps they are low paying jobs but we should be careful about degrading any essential work well done by our fellows.

To me, a high quality job is one that is helpful, needed and done well. A computer software designer who does lousy work is not included in that definition. It seems there is a touch of arrogance attached to thoughtlessly calling for “high quality American jobs”.

What do you think?


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