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3 Plans, 1 Goal: Who is Best for the Governor’s Desk? by grassroothawaii
July 27, 2010, 1:46 pm
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By Kyle Shiroma

The candidates for governor have recently started discussing their economic platforms and ideas as the summer before election season begins to end.  Mufi Hannemann, Neil Abercrombie, and James “Duke” Aiona traded shots at each other while pitching their own different economic viewpoints.

These differing economic plans will change the current state of Hawaii’s economic standing regardless of who is elected to the governor’s office.  Hannemann’s plan includes many projects that can become quite expensive, such as revitalizing roads, bringing back the Superferry, constructing the Rail Transit system and a call to update the telecommunications infrastructure.  In the hard economic times that we are currently facing, projects such as these will only increase government spending and put Hawaii in an even greater budget deficit.  The City and County is taking furloughs two days per month; surely one can fathom that a better solution to this problem would be to cut spending, not increase it.

Abercrombie takes somewhat of a different approach to Hawaii’s economic future.  He claims that he will use the connections he built while in Washington D.C. to bring in federal funds in order to stimulate the local economy.  Abercrombie also said, that under his administration, the state government would work with the federal government in obtaining federal funds, instead of being in opposition to President Obama, as he claims the current administration was.  He also stresses the need for sustainability and renewable energy.  However, Abercrombie does not specifically say where the federal funds will go, only that it will be used to “strengthen the economy at home.”  Also, while both Hannemann and Aiona are calling for audits of state departments, Abercrombie shoots this idea down as a sign of weak leadership.  He said, “Leadership means you’re ready on the first day.  You don’t have to do a study.  An audit is not action, if you want action, you want Abercrombie”.  This unwillingness to assess the effectiveness of state departments could lead to inefficient spending and an increase in the state deficit.

Aiona takes the most free-market approach of the three.  His economic plan includes auditing the Department of Education, increasing open-market competition, and expanding renewable energy research in order to diversify the economy.  He did not, however, say that he would cut spending and decrease the current state deficit situation.  But Aiona is not saying a lot right now; he’s letting Hannemann and Abercrombie take shots at each other since their primary is coming up before the general election.

Now that the three main candidates for governor have outlined their economic plans, let the discussions begin.  Just consider the repercussions of each plan on the future of Hawaii before you cast your vote.


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Abercrombie is going bring is go along to get along form of legislation here to the islands. While Mufi will continue to choose the spend, spend, spend economic solution. My concern with Mufi big project will he push like the rail. I think Duke Aiona is best suited to fill the position as well as have some fiscal responsibility. He already has a clue as to what Hawaii needs, where as Abercrombie has no clue, especially after spending so much time in the belt way of DC.

Comment by Brett Kulbis


I agree that at this point it seems that Duke Aiona is best suited to fill the governor’s position and bring fiscal responsibility to the local government. However, as much as I feel Aiona is most qualified for this position due to his ideals, according to the local polls, Aiona is the long shot to win this gubernatorial election. And therein lies another question: who would make a better governor of Hawaii, Abercrombie, or Hannemann?

Comment by Kyle Shiroma

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