Rooted in Reason: Nurturing the Seeds of Liberty

Past Time for American Ingenuity by grassroothawaii
June 20, 2010, 9:45 am
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By George Berish

While listening to President Obama, did anyone else wonder why, with all its ingenuity, America hasn’t stopped the Oil Spill yet – or why America’s many entrepreneurs aren’t even permitted to try? I believe it’s because the political class, that has cunning but no ingenuity, desperately needs to prevent those who do have it from using it.

I mean, if individual Americans solved big problems without the political class telling them what they could, and could not do – like Americans solved them when America was greatest – the foolishness of the political class’ foolish belief that God put them here to care for us masses would become obvious.

So here’s an American solution: Oil sells for $75 a barrel. Stop posturing with a boot on the neck of the only people working to protect the coast. Recall a few thousandths of the “who-knows-how-many” Trillions, authorized for spending on “who-knows-what” (because heaven knows the lawmakers who authorized them still don’t have a clue what they did). Use those Billions to offer say $50 a barrel for any oil the Americans now forced to stand around like stumps watching the oil hit their beaches can skim from the Gulf.

Then set up collection points. Stand back. It’s still good oil, and this is still America.


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