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$20 Billion BP Oil Fund – Independent? by grassroothawaii
June 20, 2010, 1:36 pm
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By George Berish

Setting aside the legality, and ethics, of BP and the President cutting a side deal behind the backs of Congress and America’s Court System, why isn’t the resulting $20 Billion slush fund under the control of the Gulf State Governors, elected by the affected citizens, instead of unelected Kenneth Feinberg?

For what meaning is left to “Checks & Balances” if President Obama can unilaterally appoint him, first as America’s unelected “Pay Czar”, un-vetted by Congress, to pass unilateral judgment on his fellow American’s pay, and next as the Gulf Coast’s unelected “Slush Fund Czar”, un-vetted by Congress, to distribute $20 Billion to those he unilaterally deems worthy? Both positions are unelected, and un-vetted by Congress. Neither answers to anyone but President Obama.

Unlike Congress, and elected Governors, Americans aren’t entitled to know what the new “Czar” pays himself of his helpers. And unlike elected Governors that Gulf State citizens can hold accountable for unfair, incompetent or partisan mistreatment, the new “Czar” is beyond their reach – answering only to the President.

Independent of accountability? Yes. Independent of President Obama who twice handed him such financially rewarding political plumbs? I don’t believe so. Do you? This is not the Rule of Law.


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