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Mayor Mufi’s Pittsburgh Visit by grassroothawaii
June 15, 2010, 9:31 am
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By Kyle Shiroma

Mayor Mufi Hannemann was reportedly the man of the hour at a fundraising event in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which was organized by a leading rail consultant.  As reported by KHON2 , the mayor’s office said Hannemann was to meet with Rep. James Oberstar about the rail project in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, June 9—the same day, it turns out, as the fundraiser in Pittsburgh.  Meanwhile, Rep. Oberstar’s office said the meeting was Thursday, June 10.  And Paul Overby, the man who organized the fundraiser, is the former spokesperson and one of the top officials with Bombardier, a company that is a possible supplier of the trains that will be used in Honolulu’s Rail Transit project.

This was a terrible Public Relations move for the mayor, who intends to run for governor in the near future.  First of all, he lied to the public by saying that he had a meeting with Rep. Oberstar on June 9, when he was really going to be in Pittsburgh that day.  The people of Hawaii, regardless of party affiliation, want a government official, especially a governor, who will not openly deceive them.  What made this wrong was lying to the people of Hawaii.

The second reason this fundraising event was unethical is that it was organized by one of the leading rail consultants and a possible supplier of the trains to be used in the rail project.  Even if the selection process is handled ethically and transparently, perception is everything.  If Bombardier is selected to supply the trains, the public will be left to wonder if they earned the job fairly or if certain favors played a role.  Whether unethical or irresponsible, Hannemann’s behavior isn’t smart for a guy running for governor.


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Thanks Kyle. Good job. Good thinking.

Comment by Dick Rowland

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