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The U.S. Stole Their Soul by grassroothawaii
June 8, 2010, 9:27 am
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By Dick Rowland

The Honolulu Star-Bulletin of 5/29/10 presented their lead editorial “U.S. must help improve Pacific islanders’ health”. This is a classic case of the government unintentionally creating a problem which then results in calls for more action and laws to cope with the consequences with no thought whatsoever of cause or correction. The U.S. government decided long ago to make Pacific islanders dependent on the good old USA, instead of them relying on themselves via their own activity and initiative. Except for a few industrious and enterprising persons, most took the bait. Now they each live empty, desperate lives of no fulfillment, accomplishment or self-satisfaction. It is as if the USA has stolen each of their souls, their humanity. The consequence is as the Star-Bulletin observes; “ Although not contagious in the conventional sense, lifestyle-related disorders such as Type-2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease exacerbated by poor diets, smoking, binge drinking and lack of exercise can be ‘handed down’ through the generations….”

The dignity of most of these people has been confiscated and thrown in the trash. Medical care cannot cure that. Changing U.S. policy might but first the U.S. and the Star-Bulletin must face fact and look to the root of the problem, not paper over the consequences. How many lost souls are there? How many unnecessary deaths? And no one will be held accountable—ever-never. Weep for our nation’s care-less-ness.


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