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Don’t Drill Baby. Don’t Drill by grassroothawaii
June 1, 2010, 8:37 am
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By James Wagoner

I am concerned about your editorial May 22 (In the Maui News) regarding our national energy policy.  You state, “One thing we have learned from the BP tragedy is that Drill Baby Drill is not the answer and we should develop cleaner and environmentally friendly energy from wind, solar, nuclear, bio-fuel, hydrogen and geothermal sources”.  It is time for a reality check.  After forty years of research and billions upon billions of dollars spent, not one of these resources can produce electricity at a competitive cost – not even close.

From the earliest days of mankind, food shelter and prosperity run parallel to the cost of energy.  Recent data show that the top twenty economies of the world also are the top twenty electrical users.  Just imagine what a quadrupling of costs from Maui Electric would do for this community.

I remember a time in the 50s when $500 million would buy a two unit nuclear power plant capable of producing 200 megawatts.  Electricity was to be so cheap that homes need not be metered.  Unfortunately, Greenpeace and professional tree-huggers became so incensed with the idea that we were on track to generate electricity form an atom, they went bananas.  They layered themselves well and with the usual bureaucratic regulatory insistence, they managed to drive up construction cost well above $2,000,000,000.  The regulatory element contributed its fair share.  Suddenly this two year project required ten years.  Within a decade, the idea of cheap electricity for the masses vanished.  Once a world leader in this technology, we have not built a new nuclear power plant since the Three Mile Island incident in 1971.

Every renewable energy you mentioned, with the exception of nuclear, would wreck our present standard of living.  Rest assured there is no shortage of oil, coal, or natural gas – with hundreds of years supply within the borders of the USA.  Sadly even today 50% of our imported petroleum product comes from OPEC.  There is no question that these people hate us.  This means that we are financing both sides of a war specifically designed to bring the USA to its knees.  This is lunacy.  Drill Baby Drill.


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