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Construct or Destruct? by grassroothawaii
May 10, 2010, 12:01 pm
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By Dick Rowland

If you were asked “ Do you approve of the idea of having the US Government say it respects our native Hawaiian friends?”, How would you respond? Almost all of us would say yes, of course. What if the question was reworded to read “recognizes” in place of “respects”? Same thing, huh?  In fact, don’t you think it would be a 90% “yes” result either way?

OHA just asked the “recognizes” question and got a 66% positive result. Only 66%? That is only 2 out of 3. It seems to me there is something wrong here. Maybe a good many thought “Akaka bill” when they saw recognition and voted no. OHA bragged about the result and said it reflected support for the Akaka bill. That is sloppy thinking. If they really want to know, why don’t they directly ask in a frank and honest manner?

For instance: “Do you favor the passage of the Akaka bill which would form an Indian Tribe of native Hawaiians inside of Hawaii?”.

My prediction of the result would be at least 66% no. Hawaiian Aloha for All is expressed in asking the recognition question while splitting or fracturing society is the Akaka bill message. So it is simple: Construct or destruct, take your choice. OHA masked that stark choice and then bragged about it. The press bought in. Go figure.


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Isn’t it interesting how they have to “wordsmith” (i.e. lie) in order to get the response they want? And even then, they only got 66% percent who agreed with their misleading statement. As for the press, the 4th estate is living in la-la land – they don’t understand why people have no confidence in them anymore. A once proud industry is now reviled and it’s of their own doing.

Comment by GiliaR

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