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Tutorial: Comments! by grassroothawaii
May 6, 2010, 8:07 pm
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Hey everyone, happy Thursday to you all. I hope all of your weeks have been progressing quite nicely, and that you have a nice weekend in store for yourself. I know I do.

Now today’s blog post is going to be a little different than most, in that today, we’re not going to talk about government or politics. Today we’re going to talk about how you can easily voice your opinions in the form of comments on this blog. The blog has been getting a lot of readership the past couple of weeks, and I’m really excited about it, but I really do want to solicit some conversation here on the blog, because I can’t be the only one preaching and lambasting. Sometimes, what I write might hit a nerve and turn some people off; sometimes stuff that I write may be incorrect. That’s where all of you readers come in; if you disagree about a certain point that I made, point it out to me! If you want to add on some information that you might think would be useful, add on! If you want to just comment on what you ate for lunch and what your favorite color is, I’m cool with that too. I see a lot of news articles and random posts about cats on the internet getting 2124513 comments, and I wonder to myself, “Should I just post cats on here as well?”

Anyway, if you’ve always wondered how you can comment or have been always hesitant about commenting, let this post assuage your fears.

1) Ok. *theoretical scenario* So you finish reading one of the blog posts and you think to yourself, “My, this Hideo character really is awesome, I’d like to bolster his confidence by telling him that. I should comment on his post!” First off, thank you for thinking that. Second, let’s get you started on commenting!

2) So scroll down to the BOTTOM OF THE ENTRY, (Not the entire webpage!) and find the “Leave a Comment” Link. It’s gonna look like this: (If the picture is unclear, click on it to see the full size image)

How to Leave a Comment #1

3) Congrats! You clicked it! Now, the screen SHOULD look something like this: (Once again, if the picture is unclear, click on it to see the full size image)

How to leave a comment 2

Now that you’re on this page, you have a bunch of blank fields you have to fill out.

You’ve got
– Name
– E-Mail
– Website
– Comment

4) I know some of you readers out there are really hesitant to put your name and email and website on there. You DO NOT have to put your real name and email on there. If you want, your name could be Ronald McDonald and your email could be “” All the website is asking for is sort of a reference so that they make sure you’re not some evil robot trying to post some spam on the blog. So like I said, if you don’t want your name to be on the comment or your email, get creative! Throw in some puns. “Seemore *insert random noun*” is a good name.

As far as the website goes, it’s an optional field. You don’t have to fill that in. However, if you do have a website in which you are trying to promote say, oh I don’t know.., you can put that in there. If you don’t, like I said before, it’s optional.
5) Now comes the fun part! Now that you’ve filled out all of your required fields, you are ready to comment in the big box below. Here’s an example of what a fully complete comment form is going to  look like: (Once again, click on the picture if it’s too small.)

How to leave a comment 3

*Note that there are two boxes that can be checked. The first one “Notify me of follow-up comments via email.” essentially means that if anyone else comments on the post like you did, you would get an email (provided you gave a valid email) alerting you that someone else had something to say. It’s a really convenient way to stay in the conversation if someone wrote something you want to respond to. Check the box if you want that!

The second box “Subscribe by email to this site” essentially allows the blog to send you an email (provided you gave a valid email) every time I update the blog with something new. Check the box if you want that as well.

6) Now all that’s left is for you to click “SAY IT”. Voila! YOU ARE DONE! Your comment should be posted after the website approves it, I’ll be happy, and you’re going to feel a huge sense of accomplishment and emotional release for getting whatever it is you needed to say off your chest!

how to leave a comment 4

Now there’s actually one more little thing I need to ask of you readers out there. In the age of all this technology and media, one thing still remains constant: Word of Mouth. If there’s a person that YOU think may be somewhat interested in the ramblings I post, tell them about this blog. I honestly don’t mind if it’s your friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, teacher, neighbor or even your dog. I really want my message and thoughts to spread throughout the community, because I know there are more people out there like YOU! Thank you so much faithful readers for everything you’ve done so far, and thank you for putting up with my random thoughts and ramblings. Keep on reading, keep on discussing, and most of all, keep on telling people about this Hideo Hikida kid and how awesome/great/stupid/insane/controversial/funny/good-looking he is. Thanks again!


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