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A follow up on yesterday’s debate analysis! by grassroothawaii
May 5, 2010, 6:32 pm
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By Frances Nuar

Hideo wrote a great article on last night’s debate, and I wanted to follow that up with something that’s proved to be an interesting facet of this Congressional race. President Obama is terrified that his home territory will fall to a Republican. He’s gone so far, as the Honolulu Advertiser reports, to record a telephone message to voters urging them to vote Democrat. As he says “I need a Democrat that will support my agenda in Congress.” Woah there buddy, so now the president is campaigning for Democrats across the nation? I suppose after the unprecedented election of Republican Scott Brown in the heretofore strictly Democratic Massachusetts Senate seat, the President can take no risks that voters will follow their heads (or their wallets as the case may be) and vote for the candidate they think will best represent them. And how will that look for our president, if his Ohana doesn’t vote for one of their own? Not good, I can tell you that, not good. Funny, coming from a president that campaigned over the promise of bipartisanship. Shouldn’t he be happy with whatever the outcome of this special election is, considering his policies are bipartisan? Why the need to send out a special message? How about letting the election play out as it will, without urging votes one way or the other? I welcome comments from both sides of the spectrum on this issue…


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In 2008, Sen. Inouye’s intelligence and experience warned him candidate Obama wasn’t yet well enough experienced, or known, to justify casting aside Hillary Clinton. And the Senator’s integrity and courage let him warn voters even though they were already lost in the perennial hope that the latest, untested, unknown “outsider” would be a savior — instead of another Jimmy Carter.

So I read President Obama’s phone call differently than most. Asking us to vote for “a” Democrat embraces two Democrats, so it guarantees a Democrat loss. Current polls (whose validity I question) guarantee that loss will be pinned on Sen. Hanabusa — Sen. Inouye’s first choice, as Obama was not.

Remember. President Obama’s “home*” is Chicago where every political wonk thinks he’s a Godfather character whose standing requires “Pay Back” when wronged. [*From Obama’s 2016 Olympic selection speech: “… I was born in Hawaii … lived in Indonesia … never really had roots in any one place … then I came to Chicago … a city where I finally found a home”.]

Besides, Ed Case says he’s an independent, so shouldn’t he run as one instead of as a “Dino”? (Democrat in name only — rhymes with “Rhino”) Grin … Imagine Ed left free to run against Lingle for the next open seat — “Rino v. Dino”?

Comment by George Berish

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