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Hideo at the NextLevelHawaii Social Media Conference Today (LIVE BLOG) by grassroothawaii
April 30, 2010, 8:39 pm
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Hey guys, I’m at the NextLevelHawaii Social Media Conference all day today at the Hawaii Convention center soaking in all the up-to-date social media practices and strategies that the industry has to offer. The atmosphere at this conference is crazy because it’s all like-minded people in the same room, just bouncing ideas off each other left and right like pinball machine on steroids. There are some really big names here that are involved in the social media scene, notably Chris Pirillo, Geoff Livingston and others, and it’s so exciting to be able to hear and learn first hand from a lot of these guys.

I’m going to try my best to update and live blog as best as I can from this conference. They have free coffee here so I know that I’ll have endless supplies of energy here to keep you all informed. (for those of you who don’t know, coffee is the fuel that makes me go, without it, I’m pretty much useless before noon)

It’s interesting hearing from these people because they have such a deep understanding of social media practices, something that goes beyond the requisite “I’ll post my status on twitter and facebook” strategy. These individuals have created brands, lifestyles and followings from the ground up, adapting with the changing landscape of social media throughout the years.

A couple of highlights so far:

  • “It’s not about broadcasting the message, it’s about communicating with the audience. The public are no longer interested in just reading a headline, they’re interesting in making a connection to the headline as well.”
  • “Social Media takes time! Apple and HP didn’t sprout up overnight.”
  • “It’s not about relating your product and brand to something that’s familiar. As soon as you do that, you invite comparisons and potential criticism that’s unfounded. You need to stand on your own, be unique and the people will recognize.”

*Update* 10:42 am: Geoff Livingston points out that social media needs to be a conversation between you and the masses. A conversation that you don’t dictate; a conversation that you PARTICIPATE in. Genius!

10:54 am: The Dell case study makes it’s first appearance in today’s convention. The point here is that we need to ask YOU what you want from US!

11:04am: We’re watching Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” music video. There’s a point here, I swear. The point: the most downloaded video in HISTORY, why? Because she creates a unique image, and lets the public in on it. Case in point: her video is one of the most imitated video on Youtube!

11:19AM: “Let people steal your content. If they don’t give you credit, so what?” -Geoff Livingston

11:30 am: Break time. Coffee run #3.

11:51 am: We’re talking about WordPress. While I’m blogging on WordPress. New tips and tricks for WP for me to make the blog better for you readers.

12:20pm: Taking some Q&A right now. So far, I’ve got some new widgets that I’m going to add soon to upgrade the blog, and perhaps make it a little less confusing for all of you. AddThis, FBlike and BuddyPress are a few to add. Also, I might be hosting a tutorial of how to comment/read/maximize your experience with our website and blog. Stay tuned for this!

12:28 pm: Lunch, that and more coffee! (I will be chronicling my deadly coffee addiction in a post to come, most likely next week.)


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