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Special-Education Students suffer “irreparable harm” because of Furloughs by grassroothawaii
April 6, 2010, 11:49 pm
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By Hideo Hikida

Man my blood is boiling. I am really mad right now…

In a decision handed down from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Special-Education Students in Hawaii will continue to suffer from the Furlough Friday (i.e. Three Day Weekend ) program that the State of Hawaii has enacted.

On October 23rd, the State of Hawaii decided that instead of looking for better ways to reduce spending, that cutting 34 total school days in the next two years was the best way to go about combating the huge budget deficit that we face today. The opposition to this move has been well documented, yet the State of Hawaii refuses to budge on this issue as the students of Hawaii have already lost 13 days of schooling due to the new Furlough Friday program.

Often overlooked is the fact that Hawaii’s very own special-education students are suffering even more than the average student here in Hawaii. A Honolulu Advertiser article quoted:

“Hawai’i Circuit Judge A. Wallace Tashima originally ruled in November that while special-education students might suffer “irreparable harm” because of teacher furloughs, ordering schools to reopen would cause more harm than good to the overall public interest.”
What kind of harm to the overall public interest?! (What’s going to happen? This? maybe…even THIS?!) Wallace Tashima, what makes these Special-Education students so expendable? Ironic how we have the “No Child Left Behind” Act, yet we leave these kids behind as if they’re not important enough.

Either way, this is the most ridiculous thing I have read in recent memory…When is the State going to pull it’s head out of it’s $## and realize that reducing the amount of school days for students that are part of one of the worse education systems in the Nation is a bad thing.


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Nice comment about our school system Mr. Hikida. This is exactly how these progressives/socialists think. In their mind special ed children and seniors really have no value in their society.

As for the furlough issue, we are dealing with one of the largest bureaucratic nightmares in history. Not just Hawaii but this nation in general. The easy solution with the 32,000 employees employed by the DOE Hawaii would be to furlough the 22,000 adminstrative positions leaving the 11,000 teachers alone. However, what really chaps my butt is the issue to meet the standards of “No child left behind” Hawaii DOE reduced the amount of days children attend school here in Hawaii in an attempt to boost the GPA. What a spin that is.

Frankly, there are 22,000 administrative positions available for the chopping block, instead of the 11,000 instructors. But, unless the head of DOE is appointed by the Governor making that position more accountable it aint gona happen.

Comment by Jeff Churchill

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