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Obama’s Akaka Tribe by grassroothawaii
March 18, 2010, 12:26 am
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By Dick Rowland

The so-called Akaka bill has been subjected to back-room Obama Administration dealings in Washington, DC. Now, in its present form, it creates an Indian Tribe for those of native Hawaiian ancestry right away if it became law. This means that our friends, neighbors and family that want to join a native Hawaiian government ohana will be forced into a tribal status with an Indian Chief in charge and directly under the thumb of the US Department of the Interior. Let’s call it the “Akaka Tribe”. This is such a radical departure that Governor Lingle, who earlier supported the bill and who was not present in the latest dealings, has changed to being against it.

On 3/10/10 The Honolulu Advertiser had an article on page A9; “ Law can’t stem American Indian crime, official says”. In that article, Larry Elder Hawk, Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Indian Affairs is quoted extensively about crime against children and other violence that is plaguing many of the nation’s American Indian communities.

This is a governing situation that President Obama wants to thrust our friends into? Why? I am sure his answer would include the thought that the Hawaiians would not follow the Indian model. But how can he know that? Here is Echo Hawk : “ In this scenario of struggle, problems have been created from generation to generation. … It’s not over. I think this still plagues our communities across the country.” Please note that the Interior Department has been in charge that entire time. Now to be thrown into the mix by the US government: Obama’s Akaka Tribe.

For what purpose?


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Every poll shows the Hawaiian people are against this racist piece of legislation. Here’s a good link:

Why don’t our state leaders let us vote on this?

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