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Texas re-writes History by grassroothawaii
March 15, 2010, 11:45 pm
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By Hideo Hikida

So over the weekend there were several news stories that were of note. The NCAA Basketball Tournament teams were announced, thus beginning the month-long productivity slump of America, earthquakes continue to rattle Chile, Thai protesters stormed the capitol and the State of Texas decided to pave the way for the re-writing of history.

I usually don’t have anything against the State of Texas, after all, I did attend the greatest University in the land; which is located in College Station, Texas. Now, there are things that the State of Texas does that are questionable at best, (this comes to mind) I have to say that the latest step that the Texas Board of Education has taken is completely against what I believe.

For those of you who aren’t too sure of what’s going on, in a 10-5 vote split right down party lines, the Texas BOE decided to preliminarily approve changes to the State curriculum that are…political at best. Some of the changes that were proposed include a reduced scope of Latino history and culture, a more sympathetic look at anti-communist policies, exclusion of third-party presidential candidates like Ralph Nader and Ross Perot and the inclusion of Country and Western music as cultural movements. (hip-hop wasn’t deemed influential enough) Going back to my post a couple days ago about the Board of Governors creating a national curriculum, the Texas BOE is exerting too much control over the individual!

I mean seriously, how far is the government going to go? Are we adding a new letter to the alphabet soon?


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I actually agree with most of the Texas board’s decisions–teaching the 2nd amendment, benefits of the free enterprise system, Contract with America, etc. But our disagreement just highlights how divisive the government school system is. This comes up time and time again, with the evolution debate, sex education, prayer in schools, etc. As long as we have a monopolistic, one-size-fits-all system, it will be impossible to achieve a peaceful outcome that will satisfy everyone.

Comment by Jamie Story

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