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Governors and State Superintendents: controlling what you learn? by grassroothawaii
March 10, 2010, 9:24 pm
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By Hideo Hikida

Education is a very important subject that seems to be getting lost amidst the National Health Care debate. I was reading an interesting article by the Washington Post that a friend linked me to, and how it was about the National Board of Governors and various State Superintendents coming up with a common standards proposal for schools across the nation.

When I read about the NBG and the Superintendents meeting, I got these weird image in my head of some secret meeting  with people in robes, deciding the fate of some group of people…. While I may be the first one to agree that our education system is far from perfect, I truly believe that the last thing we need is the government sticking their nose more into the education system. Education and the concept of knowledge is something that should be unrestricted and uninhibited, not controlled and forced upon.

The United States is made up of people from different races, cultures, backgrounds and education. That is what makes this country so unique is the fact that people can learn about what they want to learn, and in turn go on to specialize in said field. The second our government instills common standards education, we stump the learning of those who choose to learn in different ways. No Child Left Behind then turns into “Children who get left behind if they don’t learn what we want them to learn.”

The interesting part of this argument is that Hawaii stands apart from all of it. Long known to have one of the worst educational systems in the nation, Hawaii’s educational system suffers from a bevvy of faults that common-standards education will not solve. Statewide school districts, mismanagement of funds and union restrictions are the more pressing problems that this State faces, and until we decide to fix said problems, changing textbooks and curriculum isn’t going to do squat.


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I agree that changing the textbooks is not going to fix anything. Public education was originally designed to remove the role of education from the parents andd place it under government controlled sanctions. We as concerned citizens need to push for a review to be conducted on the Department of Education and to review the connection with unions. When the teachers and children were suffering through the furlough crisis you did not see the unions willing to cut dues in order to help fix the issue did we.

Comment by Frankie McCurley

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