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Who’s got a spare $218,000? Apparently we do… by grassroothawaii
March 4, 2010, 8:26 pm
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By Hideo Hikida

So one thing that we’ve been working really hard on here at the Grassroot Institute is our annual Pork Report that details wasteful government spending. We’ve got a bunch of articles and intriguing finds for you all and I’m really excited about the way the report is looking. (I’m not kidding!) Like I said, the report details wasteful government spending; and a great example of that -see that segue?- is an interesting article that the Honolulu Advertiser just posted today reporting that Hawaii Taxpayers are footing the entire $218,000 bill to move a barge in Maui that was for the “unsuccessful” (read: Driven Away by Bureaucracy..) Hawaii SuperFerry project.

Apparently the barge was used to transport cars onto the SuperFerry and originally cost $10 million to build. Add to the fact that the barge has sucked up an additional ~$3 million, it seems that this barge has been costing us more than the $218,000 that Hawaii tax payers were charged today. (In short, it’s been a black hole for money) The reason for the moving of the barge from Maui to Honolulu is because the barge has been prone to damage due to high storm surges in the area; something that maybe, just maybe we could have figured out had the State commissioned the Environmental Review. *sigh* Amazing how one small misstep ended up hurting the wallets of taxpayers.

It’s no secret that the State of Hawaii is facing a budget crisis. Our school system is in shambles, further hurting our younger generations. Jobs are being lost and costs are rising. The people literally cannot afford to pay anymore than we already are. When will the State of Hawaii realize this?!


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Speaking of the budget crisis, I find it pretty telling that there is one area where this state could save a chunk of money – but until we citizens re-assert the fact that elected officials work for us (not the other way around), it isn’t going to happen. Our state legislators are the highest paid IN THE NATION. Since the state is in such dire financial straits, we need to send each legislator a letter informing them that, until the budget is balanced, we simply cannot afford to pay them! In fact, their salaries should have been the FIRST items on the chopping block.

We also need to get a grasp on reality and implement a flat consumer tax, both in the state and nationwide, to replace all of the many, many taxes that we are being overburdened with now. There are just too many areas in which our spend-crazy legislators can sneak in an increase here, repeal a credit there, etc. With a consumer tax everyone who buys anything pays their “fair share” at the cash register. No more withholding from our paychecks, no more unfair tax burdens on businesses, no more April 15 tax return deadlines. No more convoluted and confusing tax codes that change with the wind. And it would actually serve to turn our economy around in very short order. If people and businesses have more money in their pockets, what do they do with it? They spend it or they save it. Businesses would re-invest and/or expand, which means more jobs. It would be a win-win situation for everyone.

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