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A different viewpoint on the Akaka Bill by grassroothawaii
March 3, 2010, 12:25 am
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By Hideo Hikida

So today, I read an article by Armstrong Williams that talked about the subject of racism in the Akaka Bill. By now, all you readers must be pretty familiar with the Akaka Bill and the fact that it strives to create an independent Native Hawaiian sovereign state within the State of Hawaii. What’s interesting about Williams’ article is the context that he puts it in. Usually, most articles about the Akaka Bill discuss the controversy in defining what makes someone a Native Hawaiian or what kind of economic impacts this bill would make.

Williams instead takes his argument back to the very beginnings of our country, explaining the irony in which a nation that was founded on equal rights and freedom is suddenly looking to pass legislation that contradicts the very foundations of which the United States was founded upon. Williams’ article paints a chilling picture of what our nation could end up as if this bill passes as theoretically, more and more minorities will clamor for special privileges and rights, endangering the very fabric of our way of life. Racial equality could all but be an echo if the Akaka Bill succeeds in establishing a precedent.

If you have some time, even thirty seconds to spare, I implore all of you to just take a quick glance at the article, if anything to just see this situation in an alternative light.


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In 2009 both the House and Senate passed resolutions apologizing to African Americans for slavery. By the same logic in the Akaka bill, should we now propose legislation to create a Nation of New Africa for all 40 Million Americans who have at least one drop of sub-Saharan African blood?

That’s only 13% of America’s population; whereas ethnic Hawaiians are 20% of Hawaii’s population; thus, the impact of the Akaka bill on Hawaii is 50% more devastating than the impact of a Nation of New Africa would be on America. And the situations are similar, with the favored group being widely dispersed throughout all geographic areas, producing jurisdictional nightmares and tremendous racial strife as neighbors live under different laws based solely on race.

It seems to me that this argument is politically very powerful, and should appeal to Democrats as well as Republicans. Ask them: Suppose Congress implemented such a policy in YOUR state without even asking your people first? Would it be good for African-Americans? Would it be good for your people as a whole? This is one of the arguments I make in my letter to President Obama — the detailed version includes citations for the data.


Comment by Ken Conklin

Excellent letter, Ken! It’s a shame that President Obama has not responded or addressed your concerns. Then again, he has no logical (or Constitutional) grounds on which to support this terrible bill. I also enjoyed Armstrong Williams’ viewpoint. He points out yet more reasons why this bill is wrong – thanks for the link!

Comment by GiliaR

Actually the Hawaiian Kingdom was created in 1810 and still exists so it is not a “new” government within the “State” of Hawai’i. It was never dissolved by its leaders nor by Hawaiians by nationality and/or their legal heirs.

You’re right though racial equality is seriously lacking but not for Americans. Racial, ethnic, AND NATIONAL equality is lacking for the Hawaiian people PLUS when some people like you discuss the Akaka Bill they post racist statements ABOUT Hawaiians.

Comment by Lana

Well this is the bait the circle response and expected from a group that hides it’s racial and conservative agenda behind the word “Grassroots” I don’t consider a spiteful, bigoted and just plain uncaring fearful entity to understand the Native Hawaiian dilemma. It’s taken over 200yrs for people of the colonies to admit to the egregious slave period in this Country. but My Ancestors weren’t brought here to work, but lived here for 1000 of years, and welcomed the Haole to a educated society in the 1800’s under King Kalakaua with an over 95% literacy rate..and our own Kingdom..and you folks still can’t see any injustice in the taking away our lands and rights..Rights you throw about when they suit your needs..You cloak yourselves in the US constitution, but we have no rights to self determination, we weren’t asked to lose our sovereign right, Greedy business and land owners out of fear and Greed stole it. Selfishness has no place with Aloha or in our Islands.

Comment by Kelena

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