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Health Care News: Undercutting, Suggestions and Malpractice by grassroothawaii
February 22, 2010, 10:55 pm
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By Hideo Hikida

With Barack Obama unveiling his new 10 year, $10 trillion Health Care Initiative,  Capitol Hill was again rife with discussion as representatives debated whether this new initiative proposed by President Obama was sufficient enough for Congress to agree on. Intended to serve more than 31 million uninsured Americans without adding to the Federal Budget, the plan omits a government insurance plan that was heavily sought by the liberal camp, but even with this new concession, it’s still uncertain whether this daring new plan can pass as virtually all Republicans are opposed and some Democrats are now having second thoughts. After all, $10 TRILLION is quite a bit of coin. Also, wasn’t the entire point of the upcoming health reform summit coming up with a new Health Care Initiative TOGETHER? Now all it seems is that Obama is going in to this summit with what he plans to have coming out; talk about undercutting.

In anticipation of the health reform summit on Feb. 25th, John Goodman has identified 10 things that need to change to make Obama Health Care Initiative acceptable.
In other health care news:

  • To the surprise of physicians and trial lawyers, Malpractice reform may become negotiable in the national health care debate, reports Kaiser Health News. President Obama is even open to this possibility. Read more here.

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I agree completely! And great “non-negotiable demands” from John Goodman. If they were enacted we would indeed have healthcare reform that improves the current system without a government take-over.

Comment by giliar

nice post. thanks.

Comment by cna training

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