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What is Good for the Goose Should be Good for the Gander by grassroothawaii
February 19, 2010, 9:30 pm
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By Dick Rowland

Recently, the Honolulu City Council got all upset over resident’s approach to large item trash pickup. Apparently some residents were putting their bulky trash items out on the curb several days or even weeks before the scheduled pick up day. This action causes a certain neighborhood unsightliness which the Council thought should be dealt with by them, the government. The proposed solution was a daily fine against the offending resident. There was long discussion with lots of complications introduced including potential enforcement problems. What was not discussed was what seems to be obvious.

If unsightliness is the issue and punishment is to be imposed on a citizen who puts trash out early, what about the possibility of late pickup? What if the government trash collectors fail to do their duty? Is it not rational to expect them to perform as well as residents? Does not the same unsightliness prevail in the neighborhood whether it is caused by early set out or late pick up?  Our elected leaders seem to be quick to find fault with you and me but they seldom address holding government or its workers similarly accountable.

So, I propose a new State law: “ Any State or County legislation which proposes a fine or any other penalty or punishment on citizens for action or inaction will also impose an equivalent penalty on government actors who fail to enforce or otherwise perform their duty. Any law which does not contain such balanced and actionable provisions will be null and void, pending correction.”

That law would force the goose-steppers to take a gander at their hitherto blind behavior.  What do you think?


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Dick – interesting idea! I think if we required the government to do this, however, it would shut down so fast our heads would spin!

Comment by giliar

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