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Akaka Bill: Backroom Confidential by grassroothawaii
February 19, 2010, 10:36 pm
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By State Senator Sam Slom

(These remarks were made on the floor of the Hawaii State Legislature)

It appears that there is another backroom deal in the making with regard to the Akaka bill in the US House. We hear the bill will be brought to the floor next week and leadership expects it to pass. This will likely be a favor to Hawaii Representative Neil Abercromie who is resigning effective 2/28 to run for Governor of Hawaii.

But no one knows what the bill will say. Its content is still being negotiated. The last changes to the bill were so sneaky that Hawaii’s Governor, a supporter, was not consulted and ended up opposing the new creation. Now the Governor is at the table, we hear, but the voters of Hawaii are not. There has never been a vote on the matter in Hawaii. Further, a GRIH sponsored Zogby poll in November 2009 showed that 60% of Hawaii’s voters oppose the Akaka bill. Also revealed was a lack of knowledge by the public about the bill. There is a large probability that the bill will reach House members too late for them to read it, much less give it careful thought. If this new ploy works and the bill passes the House, there will be two bills which say different things, one passed by the House, the other pending in the Senate. Are you confused?  I expect so. I certainly am.

Now, with the above outlined backdoor and related activity causing changes to the content and thrust of the bill, it is time to call a halt to this arrogant top-down action by the federal government. Hawaii’s people do not understand why the federal government is treating Hawaii like a colony instead of a state. To clarify that issue and to be sure Hawaii’s people are fully informed about the contents, interventions and probable results of the Akaka bill, here is what needs to happen:

Conduct Congressional Hearings about the Akaka bill in every Hawaii County. Until those hearings are complete, all federal legislative action should be suspended. To do otherwise will invite serious consequences as the unintended consequences unfold.


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