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The Climategate U-Turn by grassroothawaii
February 17, 2010, 7:44 pm
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By Hideo Hikida

So remember back in 2006 when Al Gore unveiled his new documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth”?

When the concept of Global Warming was finally brought to the forefront of American media? Everyone was up in arms about the melting icecaps, the homeless penguins and El Nino; celebrities were parading around with new eco-friendly fashions and cars and America pledged as a Nation to reduce our carbon footprint to save the world. After all, according to the theory, Man was the cause of global warming; Man was the cause of the eventual demise of the Planet Earth. Slowly and surely, America started to change: The Hummers weren’t cool anymore. Tax breaks for hybrid automobiles were put into place, billions of dollars went into research for alternative, more eco-friendly sources of power, heck even Starbucks got into the act and made cups from recycled material. Insane amounts of money were made by corporations and governments taking advantage of the “Save the Planet” tune. ($380 for a pair of jeans made of 100% natural materials? Sure why not…I’m saving the polar bears right?)

But now, all of a sudden, evidence is trickling in that this whole Global Warming fiasco was overblown by epic proportions. What now? Scientists were manipulating data for favorable results? This type of global warming has occurred before as a result of a natural phenomenon? TWICE?! Scientists “losing” data?

One may argue that even with this controversy, the world is a better place because of all the measures we have taken to lessen our carbon footprint upon our world. That may be true, but at the expense of what? Billions of dollars wasted to avert a “disaster” that might not even be real? I’m not suggesting at all that we go back to the old ways and embrace the Hummer and start using plastic bags like crazy; I’m just saying, let’s take a deep breath, step back and assess the situation before we end up paying more to research something that just doesn’t work.

Sure, the icecaps are melting. My ice cubes melt when they’re in water as well. Chill out everyone.


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Well… duh… well… oooops!

I used to believe that scientists were a cut above, even after I became one. But back then, I was possessed of that arrogant naiveté that comes of youth, ignorance, too much encouragement coupled with a sorry lack of insight. So when a scientist who worked for me was revealed to be making up data, I was thunderstruck. But not naive since….

But now GREEN is big money and big left-side politics, so don’t expect Siemens, GE, Obama, Pelosi as well as all the others to be ready to accept that they’ve based their fame, business and/or political plans on problematical science. Sadly, it’s up to us to make them see that the so-called science (retrospective) is, at best, an insufficient foundation for wholesale changes affecting EVERYTHING in our lives.

However, if Obama wants to build lots of nuclear power plants, I’ll be a big fan… I’d also like to see thorium-based nuclear reactors achieve the mainstream… I want one in each car and at home. No more oil from SW Asia? Now that something to cheer for! But don’t hold your breath… what I’m talking about would take genuine leadership.

Michael P. Rethman

Comment by grassroothawaii

Don’t be in a rush to knock years of data. If this institute is really interested in learning how the scientific community reads the climate data, just go to our university and get real answers. We have some of the best ocean level and ocean temperature scientists in the world.
Are you interested in the truth, or are you enjoying pointing fingers?

Comment by john brizdle

I’m not trying to knock years of data here. While I undoubtedly believe that there may be an environmental problem that exists due to sheer amount of industrialization that occurs, I just want to preach caution to avoid American Government’s “gung-ho” attitude.

All to often, we’ve seen our government jump on some theory and inject billions of dollars into researching something to combat a phenomena that doesn’t warrant billions of dollars of tax payer money.

We as a people have been mislead into thinking that the world is quickly coming to an end due to Global Warming and the American Government as well as big corporations have taken advantage of our fear and gotten disgustingly rich off of pure misinformation.

Comment by Hideo

Isn’t that like asking a used car sales man whether or not a car is any good? YOU stand to profit by scaring the hell out of population. And contrary to popular belief the science is NOT settled.

Comment by Tony

Comment by grassroothawaii

It’s funny how we often attribute the debate or unraveling of the truth in issues such as this as politically motivated. It’s left vs. right, conservative vs. liberal, Republican vs. Democrat.

That attribution may be adding to the confusion more than than clarifying things, as the issues at hand are usually not rooted in differences of philosophy or science, economics, finance, or even public safety.

It’s more often a sad rehash of the same old theme: the overpowering of truth and the common good by self-interest.

The conversations seem to focus on things like differences in opinions or needs, or feelings, and ignores the most important — is it the truth? There doesn’t seem to be enough of a penalty paid for floating “convenient truths” out there. We’re either too numb, too cynical, too interested in demonstrating intellectual superiority, that we give this most elementary of no-no’s a pass. The telling of a lie is so commonplace, the truth has become subservient to image and political correctness. Liars do not reap the scorn or disgrace that someone would when misspelling in public. What is it in our culture that makes the untruth so viable an alternative?

The situation is exacerbated when the media is actually complicit in the spreading of untruth. Seeking greater reward in the shaping of opinions than in truth, its highest calling, it is contributing to its own demise.

Perhaps the most ironic thing of all is that lying to others first requires one to lie to oneself first.

Comment by Jon Matsuo

I knew about this when the story broke.
Most folks on here knows about it. However what will shock you is the amount of people who have never even heard of climate gate. I have repeatedly tried to contact the Honolulu Advertiser as well as several of The local TV stations regarding why there has been absolutely no coverage. Want to know what they said? …Click…Dial tone. As long as the media is controlled the people are controlled.

Comment by Tony

Global warming… going the way of acid rain.

Comment by pila

Ditto on Tony’s comments. “THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED” seems to be used a lot and it seems to used whenever someone challenges the theory of Global Warming. You’ve got to be suspicious when they won’t allow debate on the issue, because, “the science is settled!!”
I remember quotes from the industrial revolution (circa 1890’s?), that some scientist said, “We now know all there is to know about everything”.
If there’s anything a scientist should be about soft sciences, is that dogmatism is foolish.

Comment by Paul Yee

Fact is fact. Climate warming by the actions of mankind is a fraud. All one has to do is read the published articles on this subject by Michael R. Fox in Hawaii Reporter. Of course it is always good to clean up our space and breathe pristine air. I enjoy this as much as the next. What I detest most is out of control spending that is of questionable value.

Case in point, can you famthom the tens of millions of dollars we people in Hawaii have paid for the priviledge of adultrating our gasoline with ethenol. Ethenol is of questionable value and may possibly be more harmful to the atmosphere than pure gasoline. What we do know is that it is harmful to the engine, we get fewer miles per gallon, and one has to pay additional money for the insult. This single item of “greenness” is a big factor in sapping the prosperity of Hawaii.

Comment by Jim Wagoner

Produced a good 12 months before Climate Gate, and worth the watch:

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Comment by alex

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