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AKAKA TRIBE: Facts? Fictions? by grassroothawaii
February 17, 2010, 6:28 pm
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Someone said to me last week: “What extraordinary facts are there about Hawaii?”

Right away I thought of one:

Hawaii is the only state that has a Royal Palace left over from an active kingdom.

But if the latest proposed version of the Akaka bill were to pass, a brand new Indian tribe would be created right away. That Akaka Tribe would undoubtedly demand that Iolani Palace be given to them. If that happened the Akaka Tribe would be the only one in the USA with a palace. It would also likely be the largest tribe in the nation, holding potentially some 240,000 members in Hawaii plus a like number outside of Hawaii.

Would the Tribal Chief of the Akaka Tribe live in Iolani Palace? Would he or she take over the State of Hawaii politically? That would make Hawaii the only state controlled by a tribe.

With an Akaka Tribe on board and in control, Hawaii would be the only state in the USA subservient to the US Department of Interior, which exercises jurisdiction over Indian Tribes.

Two Questions:

What would all this Akaka Tribe activity do to Hawaii’s bond ratings? What are probable results?

Where would the new Akaka Tribe lead you, your family, your job, your property, your happiness?

Since so much must be bargained politically after the Akaka bill becomes law, it is very difficult to separate facts from fictions. Gambling on Akaka Tribe land was once fiction, it now looks like fact. Indian Tribe status for native Hawaiians was once somewhat remote. It is now fact in a proposed Akaka bill version.

Let us have your thoughts and comments.


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The 1895 census for the Republic of Hawaii was: native Hawaiian-34,436; Hapa Hawaiian-6,186; Chinese-15,301; Caucasian-12,978; Japanese-12,948; Foreign Parents-19,166; and the Total-101,661.

The July 4, 1894 Constitution of the Republic of Hawaii under Article 17, Sec. 1 made all residents of the Republic of Hawaii, citizens. The 1894 Constitution made all residents of Hawaii, absent of race, citizens of the Republic.

Following the Organic Act of August 12, 1898, all residents of the Republic of Hawaii became citizens of the United States and the Territory of Hawaii. Again, absent of race.

Comment by Jimmy

Years ago Malcolm X thought of & wanted to carve out a portion of the American south(the most fertile areas) for a country composed of
Black Americans. Is this what Rep. Akaka wants of Hawaii? Do voters REALLY know what is being
done if this train wreck passes the US Congress?

Comment by ted

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