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Has Greed Eroded Native-Hawaiian Values? by grassroothawaii
January 14, 2010, 11:20 pm
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The relationship between the Hawaiian and the non-Hawaiian communities has always been about mutual respect, sharing, and working together to build a strong, united community. The reason for this is very evident: the non-Hawaiian and Hawaiian communities are completely integrated biologically. With the exception of about 40,000 half Hawaiians and several thousand pure Hawaiians, the remaining 360,000 native Hawaiians are multiracial. Over the decades, they willingly married non-Hawaiians so, at the present time, the overwhelming majority has a Hawaiian blood quantum that is far less than 25%. Among the half Hawaiians and the pure Hawaiians, this group is referred to as toenail Hawaiians, for obvious reasons.

The federal government has never attempted to compensate Hawaiians and half Hawaiians for the overthrow of their government.  Now, it wants to make up for the oversight by granting restitution to the multiracial, toenail Hawaiians. Although the apology resolution signed by President Clinton places full responsibility for the overthrow and its subsequent ramifications on the United States government, our congressional delegation is shifting the burden of restitution to the non-Hawaiian citizens of the State of Hawaii. After the Akaka bill becomes law, it will confiscate almost 50% of the land and the accompanying revenue stream belonging to one of the smallest states in the union, and give it to the native Hawaiians so they can form their own country. Our congressional delegation and Congress plans to impose this outrage without public hearings to defend the constitutionality of the legislation, or explain how the State of Hawaii will survive the financial loss. Most important, it needs to justify why the remaining non-Hawaiians of this state should be stuck with the bill.

Surely, the most hurtful thing about the seizure and transfer of these lands is that it is being done with the approval of the native Hawaiians, almost all of whom are in-laws of the non-Hawaiians, who will pay the bill. Non-Hawaiians are their spouses, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Until the passage of the Akaka Bill, Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians were a nuclear family, bound together by the blood ties that unite individuals in all ohanas, or tribes, which will be the appropriate name when the Hawaiians become Indians after the bill passes..

How is all of this going to affect the “Aloha Spirit” in Hawaii? Well, there is nothing worse than family feuds, and the breakup of the multiracial Hawaiian community is certainly not going to be good, despite the fact that our congressional delegation is telling us that it will be wonderful for everyone. And, if the nullification of the sovereignty of the State of Hawaii is imposed without the consent of its citizens in an open vote, the federal government might be forced to send troops here to maintain order and impose its authority, just like it did in 1893.


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Briliantlly and succinctly stated.

Comment by Polo

“The relationship between the Hawaiian and the non-Hawaiian communities has always been about mutual respect, sharing, and working together to build a strong, united community.” Really??? This is so untrue it could only have been written by a malihini.

Comment by questionhuna

The author is well known to me but wants to remain anonymous due to his extensive community involvement. He is, I believe, of one fourth Hawaiian blood. His great-grandfather, a caucasian, arrived in Hawaii about 150 years ago. He knows of what he writes.

Comment by Dick Rowland

Who wrote this?

Comment by Maka

Please see my earlier postwhich answers your question.

Comment by Dick Rowland

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